What size shoe does a 1 year old wear

Well, this question is worrying a wide cross-section of fashion forward parents who want their kid to be trendy yet comfortable wearing footwear. This is much easier to find appropriate clothes made of high quality. But when choosing baby shoes one should turn special attention to the quality of the product. Today we are gonna share with you what kind of footwear will suit your 1 year old little one.

What size shoe does a 1 year old wear to look pretty and stay comfortable?

ARMANI BABY Baby Boys White Pre-Walker ShoeARMANI BABY Baby Boys Navy Blue Leather Pre-Walker ShoesARMANI BABY Baby Girls Pink & White Pre-Walker ShoesDIESEL White 'Crib' Pre-Walker Logo Sandals

In the current marketplace there is an abundance of brands which specialize in production of childrenswear and footwear for kids. Designer shoes always shout quality and have rather sophisticated look. Wearing such shoes your child will be the most attractive around.

Let’s see what types of footwear are available online for a 1 year old. More so, we are to show you the list of the fashion companies which produce and distribute items made of an outstanding quality. We assure you that your kid will be pleased wearing these designer shoes. Actually, you will be dazzled with a wide array of footwear for toddlers and babies:

  • Trainers
  • Bootees
  • First Walkers
  • Boots & Wellies
  • Occasion Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Sandals
  • Pre-Walkers

All shoes feature unbelievable style and fascinating design. Moreover, they all suit your kid’s needs and provide full comfort and care for your child’s feet. To choose a right pair of shoes wouldn’t be so difficult if we knew what kind of shoe size does a 1 year old wear? But on our website there is nothing much easier than that. You just click on the type of footwear you like and then check out whether this model suits your kid. There is a scheme of different sizes where you will definitely find your baby’s size.

Now let’s take a look upon the list of designers who create such beauty:

  • Alviero Martini
  • Bloch
  • Calvin Klein
  • Diesel
  • Early Days
  • Fendi
  • Giesswein
  • Joha
  • Little Darlings
  • Molo
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Timberland
  • Sarah Louise
  • Young Versace etc.

Beautiful shoes for a 1 year old tots. What shoe size for 1 year old to buy?

PLAYSHOES Blue Stripe Short Baby Rain BootsFENDI Baby Girls Pink Pre-Walker Leather ShoesROBERTO CAVALLI Baby Boys Blue Pre-Walker ShoesFENDI Baby Girls Pink & White Logo Pre-Walker Shoes

Among this huge variety of designers there is also not less wide selection of goods for your little fashion conscious kid. What shoe size will fit your baby boy or girl? Actually, it depends on the designer. For instance, Roberto Cavalli pre-walker shoes for 9-12 months old kid have V size. So 1 year old shoe size is V.

The world’s top fashion companies seek to cater to babies’ tastes and make them feel comfort. Little bootees for little fashionmongers are brilliant as they are made of 100% cotton and have rubber grips on soles for added safety of your kid. Almost each pair of such footwear is hand washed as it is made of extremely delicate and soft materials. In fact, if you already decided what type of shoes you prefer most of all then choose the right size and get ready to get the delivery soon.

For extra care and warmth we introduce you Joha wool and thermal baby bootees made of wool and stretchy jersey feel polyamide. This product is unisex and is suitable for both girls and boys. The fabrics and materials received the certificate that guarantees the high quality of the item. What size shoe for 1 year old will definitely fit? Well, as we already mentioned, this depends upon the designer. If you loved these thermal bootees, your 1 year old kid will need designer size 80.

Shoes for 1 year old genuine fashionistas

ROBERTO CAVALLI Baby Girls Pink 'Kyoto' Pre-Walker ShoesROBERTO CAVALLI Baby Girls Leopard Print Pre-Walker ShoesROBERTO CAVALLI Baby Girls Gold Baroque Pre-Walker ShoesTOD'S Pink Leather 'Gommini' Baby Moccasin Shoes

Discovering the wealth of up-to-date trends and a great amount of designers who try to implement the boldest ideas in the clothes and footwear for kids, you see how dedicated to children they are. Only high quality shoes are represented in the newest collection of prominent designers. We understand that babies require best quality clothing as well as shoes to remember those days of innocent childhood forever. Wonderfully simple and minimalistic designs will nothing but indulge your little 1 year old baby.