Cool hats for boys are the part of kid`s style and comfort

A stylish hat for a boy is significant. Because it is not only practical thing, but it is also an important accessory. When the mom usually thinks about the hat`s functions, young men are interested in their looks. Each mother is choosing a hat carefully, because this piece of clothing is very important for the baby’s health as children’s ears are very vulnerable to cold. But often we buy hats for boys after all, because we want it to look great with jackets. But now you don` need this, because of the range of versatile and multifaceted hats that look successful with any outfit.

The main types of cool hats for boys

ARMANI TEEN Boys Black Knitted Hat with Silver Eagle BadgeBOSS Boys Navy Blue & White Stripe Cotton Velour Baby HatKARL LAGERFELD KIDS Black & White Knitted 'Keep Cool' HatCATYA Purple Merino Hat with Fur Pom-Pom

Of course, the hats vary by their main aim.

  • Winter hats;

The hats for winter should be warm and should protects your little boy`s ears and head from cold weather, wind, snow and rain. They can be made of wool, of leather with fur, of synthetic material combined with natural or synthetic fur. Some of them may be decorated with pom-poms.

  • Balaclavas;

This type of hats combines functions both of a hat and a scarf. They can perfectly protect from the wind.

  • Summer hats;

There are mostly caps for boys. They are used in the looks of hip-hop style and are mostly performed with various logos.

  • Baby boy hats.

They are cute and performed in light colors. The main material for such hats are cotton and sometimes wool.

The practical aspect of choosing cool hats for boys

MINI RODINI Ivory Organic Cotton Printed HatMINI RODINI Ivory Organic Cotton 'Wolf' HatLEVI'S Boys Red Knitted Hat with LogoLEVI'S Boys Grey Knitted Hat with Logo

Let’s face it, the beauty – it’s not the first indicator by which to choose the child’s hat. After all, as proved by scientists, in the cold weather 80% of heat the person loses up goes through the head. So the quality of a hat is a pledge of comfort and health of your child during walks. When selecting children’s hats for boys pay attention to the following characteristics:

– It is better when the hat is made of natural material. That`s why a knitted hat made of wool is perfect for a boy for the winter weather! And light colored cotton hat is perfect for the summer.

– The hat should fit perfectly. So measure the baby’s head with a sewing centimeter before ordering a hat in a store.  It will save you from a wrong choice. A hat for the boy should sit tight, and there should be no gaps for cold air to pass under it. So any hats for growth can`t be considered. This is the golden rule, if the suit jacket and you can buy a little bit bigger, but the hat should be precisely size to size.

– A winter hat for a boy must have ties to spend the time actively with the hat on. Autumn (spring) hats for boys may be presented by conventional models without ties; they are suitable for early autumn or late spring.

The styles and the brands of the cool hats for boys

TOMMY HILFIGER Grey 'Badger' CapTARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Blue Knitted Hat with Fur Pom PomTOMMY HILFIGER Grey Cotton Cashmere Beanie HatTOMMY HILFIGER Navy Blue Cotton Cashmere Beanie Hat

The style of the hat is almost the same important as its practical features. The hat is an essential accessory in every boy`s wardrobe. The style depend on the boy`s hobbies and lifestyle. For impudent little men there is a plenty of models in hip hop or rap style. Such hats or caps are mostly red, orange, green and dark blue with logos on them. For example, let`s look on the models by Tommy Hilfiger, Roberto Cavalli or Polo Ralph Lauren.

There are also hats for young elegant gentlemen; they are designed with traditional prints decorations and in classic colors, such as black and brown. There are models by Gucci or Dolce&Gabbana presented in our catalog. The hats for boys should also be original and interesting that the boys would be happy to wear them. That`s why they are decorated with logos, embroideries and different elements. They are designed to describe the identity of a young man and his interests.

There is also a wide range of casual styled hats; they are sometimes not so bright. But they are designed following all the latest fashion trends.

The most well-known designers of the cool hats for boys are:

  • Boss;
  • Kenzo;
  • Dolce&Gabbana;
  • John Galliano;
  • Fendi;
  • DKNY;
  • Roberto Cavalli;
  • Billybandit;
  • Molo;
  • Armani Baby and Armani Teen and many other popular brands of adults` and kids` clothing.

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