Laura Biagiotti dolls : children’s clothing for young beauties.

Brand Laura Biagiotti was created in 1972 by Italian Laura Biagiotti, who released her collection of elegant clothes for women. From that moment counts down successful career of designer, whose products in the shortest terms appreciated not only in Italy, but also in China, America and Europe. Children’s Collection Laura Biagiotti DOLLS for girls aged from 1 to 14 years was created later but also won the hearts of discerning Europeans.

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LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Baby Girls White & Red Spotty Fruit Print Shortie     LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls White Floral Print Babygrow LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls White Fruit Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt    LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Baby Girls White & Pink Floral Shortie

Laura Biagiotti – baby clothes for young beauties who want to shine on the walk and at the festive event, and for their parents, which want to see their daughters beauties. In products of this brand are no superfluous details, each of them allows you to add an image to make it more harmonious, natural and romantic. Girls in dresses and suits by Laura Biagiotti like porcelain dolls dressed in the real work of art!

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LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls Navy & Red 2 Piece Jersey Leggings Set LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls White Tracksuit with Floral Print LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS White Floral Girl & Stripes Print Dress LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls Floral Top & Stripe Leggings Set

Children’s clothing brand from Italy today becoming more and more popular, because it is beautiful design, and high quality. Caring moms can be happy that Laura Biagiotti children’s clothing now became accessible to all, and thanks in part to some online stores.  Girls in dresses from Laura Biagiotti look delightful along with older models, but at the same time feel comfortable and at ease. In this collection you will find:

  • dresses, skirts, sundresses;
  • tops, blouses, T-shirts;
  • pullovers and sweaters;
  • footless tights, leggings;
  • trousers, breeches;
  • tunics and blouses;
  • school uniform.

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LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Red Cotton Watermelon Dress LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS White Cotton Dress with Strawberries LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS White Cotton Lemon Ruffle Dress LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Navy Blue Shift Dress with Striped Hem

The main advantage is harmless to the delicate baby skin products: all things are made of natural fabrics, which guarantees hypoallergenic of these products. In addition, you can pick up your child elegant clothes for every occasion of life, whether it’s a walk in the park with her parents or for the long-awaited birthday, exactly where all eyes will be turned to the birthday girl, as well as daily trips to school. Because school uniform – this is what the child has to spend most of time, and the young woman of fashion is very important to look
chicly in it! The line of school uniforms made of genuine wool and cotton, it is pleasant to the body and does not look casually stylish. In such clothes education takes place in joy!

Laura Biagiotti – baby clothes, buy which – so bring bright colors in the wardrobe of your favorite child. Believe me, your baby will thank you, and with this online store will make it more convenient, clothes delivered directly to your home!

Why do parents buy Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes for kids?

The answer is clear. Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes for kids are considered stylish, unconventional and very passionate. In this apparel your child is gonna be the most fashionable child in the world. Pretty dresses, smart suits will suit your little baby who learns to be on trend even at an early age.

Name of this label is a sub-brand of Laura Biagiotti line of clothes. A legendary Italian designer founded this trademark in 1960 and thus developed her own exclusive style. Actually, she shared her mother’s penchant for fashion. Since that time this prominent designer never parted with the world of fashion. Each season – new ideas, creative concepts and successful collections which bring much joy to kids throughout the world.

Do you wanna make your child look absolutely perfect? Then choose this brand and we assure you – your kiddo will be pleased very much with a new purchase. Laura pays much dedication to childrenswear and especially to exclusive girls clothing as the majority of garments from her collection was made for little princesses.

Children adore lovely prints, catchy patterns, appliqués and everything that makes items attractive. Lovely decorations, pearls and other embellishments are very much loved by fashion forward kids.

What kind of Laura Biagiotti clothes for kids is represented in the new collection 2016?

All items which were created by this prominent designer excite not only children but their parents as well. The collection contains many extraordinary novelties which are extremely popular and fashionable this season. So discover it yourself and find the most subtle things:

  • Blankets & Shawls
  • Babysuits
  • Dresses
  • Baby accessories
  • Tops
  • Trousers & Shorts
  • Hats
  • Tracksuit
  • Tops & Bottom Set

But you should see it with your own eyes as words cannot transmit the whole picture of this perfect range of goods. Dress your child up in beautiful childrenswear from Laura Biagiotti Dolls and you will understand why this trademark is hugely popular across the globe.

A wide color palette is something that creates an unforgettable impression. Each item from the collection is full of style. Besides, it is made of top quality and the finest materials. You are getting a real fashion miracle when buy clothes under this brand. Don’t be shy and browse through the collection. Make sure your daughter will be dressed like a doll in this sweet and upscale clothing.

Being stylish is not that easy as one might think. It takes much effort to know how to look exquisite and fashionable. Actually, this trademark will provide your kid the most stunning childrenswear and we assure that he will be always on style.

What happens to a kid who wears Laura Biagiotti clothes for kids?

After kids put on clothes under this label the baby becomes the most stylish around. Delicate elements and wonderful embroideries definitely attract attention. This childrenswear brings the utmost care and high quality as each piece of clothes is made of 100% cotton. Unisex baby shawls and blankets are extremely soft and smooth, so your baby will all comfortable and safe during the day or night nap.

Stylish funky details prevail on designer clothes from this leading brand. We suppose that it is time to refresh the wardrobe and fill it with exclusive things which deliver individual and contemporary style.

This collection is worth noticing and paying special attention. Besides, all goods designed by this remarkable designer can be purchased and browsed online. The collection contains oodles of items and breadths of colors. Now this is really easy and convenient to order things online in order to spare some time and devote it to kids.

Dressy pieces of clothes are represented right here, so choose whatever you and your child like and bring a little fairy tale into your closet. With irresistible decorations and embellishments each item is coveted. Adorable kids wear lovely clothes!

All garments from Laura’s collection are easy to wear, they suit any occasion, besides, they are machine washable. Hardwearing and flexible clothing is durable and will serve your child a long while.