We represent you luxury brand which is famed for producing STEP2WO stylish footwear for children

STEP2WO is the brand which is known everywhere and not only due to the manufacturing of excellent shoes for kids, alongside the company runs exquisite clothes production for little ones. This trademark is one of the most prestigious in the UK. STEP2WO was launched to provide kids with reliable footwear which can be worn both in and outside. This high fashion brand is leading and prosperous on the market. Today your baby won’t leave the store without a pair of nice shoes.

Among different shoe-making companies around the world STEP2WO footwear for children is the obvious choice for all families

STEP2WO Girls Black Patent T-Bar Shoes STEP2WO Girls Gold Leather Rabbit Sandals

STEP2WO Girls Pink Leather Rabbit Sandals STEP2WO Girls Pink Patent T-Bar Shoes

This brand is selling high quality products which feature style and sophistication. Through the abundance of great shoes you are gonna find various models for your child. Each pair was crafted individually and with careful attention to the use of materials. With this trademark you have nothing to worry about – high quality reliable shoes are guaranteed.

The newest collection is quite edgy and impressive. A lot of admirers have already acclaimed the assortment considering it as one of the most desirable and coveted. With delicate approach to fashion the company creates wonderful footwear which is loved not only in the marketplace by fashion experts, but by parents in the first place. Appeal is wide and the collection is rather affordable. It stands to reason that many mums will come after these shoes which can be purchased at a reasonable price. Besides, high quality materials of footwear cannot be replaced by cheaper and not natural stuff. Shoes should be breathable and flexible and, of course, made of an outstanding quality.

There is an importance of providing the best products for babies as they deserve it. We make choices every day. So when you see the assortment of footwear for kids, you will realize how easy this choice is. Personally, we have no doubt that you will be attracted by this trendy collection.

Made in soft leather STEP2WO footwear for children has uncompromising quality and modern approach to its creation

STEP2WO Girls Rose Gold Monster Sandals STEP2WO Girls Rose Gold Patent Leather Sandals

STEP2WO Girls Silver Monster Sandals STEP2WO Girls White Bar Shoes with Cat Motif

Wonderful footwear is divided into:

  • Trainers
  • Slip-on Shoes
  • Bar Shoes

Bar shoes are an ideal variant for girls who need something particular stylish for a certain event. Made in leather and decorated with beautiful gold studs they have an innovative look. Besides, they have got a t-bar fastening which is very trendy this season. You can choose among the following colors: red, pink or white.

Slip-on shoes are must have of the season. Several models have a smart look, the other are sporty and suits more for casual wear. Available for girls and boys they should be in the wardrobe of every child. These shoes are comfortable and at the same time luxurious.

The best must have of the season are trainers with wings which are getting more and more popular. Choose the size and color which you like and the style. We are sure that the child will be dazzled. Such footwear was crafted for the most fashionable belles and boys.

STEP2WO footwear for children creates a perfect feminine image for girls which like high fashion items

STEP2WO Girls White Leather Bunny Sandals STEP2WO Girls White Leather Sandals With Strawberries

STEP2WO Girls White Patent T-Bar Shoes STEP2WO Girls Black & Silver Leather Sandals

Due to a classic design many shoes were created for cute girls. Wearing such exquisite footwear your baby girls is gonna arrive at the party riveting and trendsetting. Speaking of trends, get shoes which are the trendiest now. Small ladies can’t help falling for these remarkable shoes.

A perfect assortment of goods under the name STEP2WO not only attracts attention with an ethereal style, it surprises with pleasant to the touch materials and cool details. Every model is based on a trend. So you can be sure that your little kid will have a fashion forward and authentic look.

Designed in London a few models were made in Italy which is known for exquisite and unrepeatable style. According to all shoe making traditions the company distributes high quality product to the whole globe. Shiny and top-notch shoes are awaiting little and stylish clients.

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