Sons and Daughters eyewear

This spring has already come and your child does not have a cool pair of sun glasses? What a misfortune, but we promise to fix this. Eyewear is an important accessory in the wardrobe of each fashion conscious person.

The new collection of brilliant Sons and Daughters eyewear was revealed this spring

SONS + DAUGHTERS Blue 'Rocky' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Blue 'Ferris' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Brown 'Hunter' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Black 'Hunter' Sunglasses

Actually, Sons and Daughters design and distribute not only eyewear, but exclusive clothes as well. Today we focus on beautiful glasses for your baby boy or girl. No one will deny the fact that sun glasses should be premium quality, otherwise they won’t protect your kid’s eyes from the sun.

This company was born in Canada and immediately became the favorite brand among parents as well as kids. Parents appreciate quality in the first place while kids pay more attention to design, shape and style. This trademark is so loved, because it can please all customers. Children aged from 3 years to 16+ years old will be dazzled when see this amazing collection from not less fabulous designer.

This renowned company shares the opinion that kids should wear only high quality accessories and clothes. Since the very childhood children should care for their eyesight. Spending much time in the sun kids require much protection – starting with sun glasses and ending with sun protective crèmes.

These unbelievable glasses from the newest collection are absolute must have of the current season. They are famed for:

  • Handmade and handpicked materials
  • Lenses are of the highest grade
  • 100% UV protection
  • Classic style
  • Forward-thinking design
  • Superb quality

You see, everything that company creates is done with love for kids and understanding of their needs. To satisfy all needs is so easy when you are so devoted to little ones. We are sure that this love is mutual as children really adore exquisite design and contemporary style of each item from the collection.

Kids deserve the best which is possible with Sons and Daughters eyewear

SONS + DAUGHTERS Neon Blue 'Bobby' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Navy Blue Round 'Lenny' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Camouflage Print 'Clark Sun' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Turquoise Blue 'Clark' Sunglasses

This company believes that children deserve the same high quality, super stylish design and protection as grownups do. The demand for goods under this label is extremely high, so nowadays the whole exclusive range of goods is available at nearly 300 retailers all over the world.

2001 is the year when this prosperous fashion house was born. With its founders at the helm – Shiva Shabani and Calvin Yu the company does impossible and unbelievable things turning the world of fashion upside down. Inspired by little minds they make much effort in order to bring them satisfaction with the new range of goods.

New optical sun glasses surpass all our expectations. They look beautiful and they quality is perfect. Celebrating perfection and individualism we choose Sons and Daughters eyewear. With traditions and family values in mind this benchmark seems to be pretty competitive on the evolving fashion market.

The future is bright – get to see it with Sons and Daughters eyewear

SONS + DAUGHTERS White 'Rocky' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS White 'Jackie' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS Yellow Heart 'Lola' SunglassesSONS + DAUGHTERS White 'Bobby' Sunglasses

The creators of the brand design upscale sun glasses to any taste which makes the collection extremely coveted. Take a look and choose any style for your little one among:

  • Neon blue sunglasses
  • Turquoise sunglasses
  • Blue round sunglasses
  • Yellow heart eyewear
  • White “Bobby” eyewear
  • Black “Hunter” eyewear
  • Camouflage print sunglasses etc.

Of course, each pair of them comes with:

  1. They come with an exclusive case
  2. These sunglasses have shatter resistant lenses
  3. Made of durable plastic
  4. They are handmade
  5. They are UVB and UVA protective
  6. Each pair is suitable for both girls and boys
  7. Low distortion
  8. Crystal clarity

Luxury kids eyewear is not a dream, this is pleasant reality. The company focuses both on style and safety. With these adorable sunglasses you can make sure that your kid’s eyes are well protected and beautifully framed. New collection of trendy eyewear is rather inspiring with new features and new shapes. Parents would wish they also had such sunglasses.

This wonderful eyewear from real masters of fashion mixes sophistication with practicality. As a result they get love and appraisal from style forward kids together with their parents. Bring a new pair of sun glasses into your house and make sure your kid is now all protected and trendy while the sun is shining brightly.