Following all modern British tendencies the collection of Powell Craft kids clothes feature vintage charm and aesthetic

Every respected designer is supposed to have an extensive range of high quality items to every taste. Many of them keep to the tradition of using natural and organic materials in order to design premium quality products. Powell Craft is the brand for which comfort and high quality are main priorities in the production of designer childrenswear. This priority defines the collection of funny pieces for little ones. There you are to find so many worthy items which will dazzle your child with sleek style and pizzazz.

 Powell Craft kids clothes are for every child in this world – not for chosen one – get the finest selected pieces


POWELL CRAFT Boys Red Stripe Cotton Babygrow with Train POWELL CRAFT Boys 'Tractor' Cotton Pyjamas

POWELL CRAFT Cotton Ballerina Girls Pyjamas POWELL CRAFT Cotton 'Vintage Baby' Print Dress

Since 1962 this company has been creating and designing pretty essentials for the wardrobe. Fashion house named Powell Craft started their production with diverse wooden toys, cotton nightwear, decorative home wares and many other products. Over time, the company launched a wide range of clothes for children, nursery accessories and rag dolls.

This brand supplies a huge range of high quality childrenswear. An exceptional quality and an incredible selection of goods provides style for every fashion conscious kid. This collection is for small and vivacious kids. Kitting them out with excellent apparel is the most important duty. This is the way how you can create a multipurpose wardrobe for the kid.

Look at the array which was designed for girls and boys. Those boys and girls who love stylish outfits should browse through the range and, maybe, this shopping will bring you a great many surprises.

For looking original and stylish parents turn to Powell Craft which focus on manufacturing as perfect as possible wares. Pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear should be in the wardrobe. Such lightweight and soft fabrics are very appreciated by little ones.

On the front and at the back your kid is about to look fantastic. And no wonder – multifunctional design is exactly what kids and their parents expect. Playfulness and cuteness determine this new range full of interesting items.

Powell Craft kids clothes are presented in the collection from the designer who keeps to the traditions

POWELL CRAFT Girls Cotton Garden Fairy Dress POWELL CRAFT Girls 'Garden Fairy' Cotton Pyjamas

POWELL CRAFT Girls Pink Cotton Pyjamas POWELL CRAFT Girls Pink Pony Cotton Jumpsuit

When fashion houses are interested in creating excellent products, it is obvious from the first sight. This can be said about Powell Craft. Meticulously and perfectly crafted pieces of clothes create an innovative and top-notch collection.  Concern for kids’ health is apparent, because the designers pay rich attention to the selection of fabrics. That’s why all materials are so pleasant to the touch.

The collection contains following product types:

  • Trousers & shorts
  • Baby Accessories
  • Blankets & Shawls
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Bloomers & Frilly Pants
  • Nests & Sleep Bags
  • Outfits Sets
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Dresses
  • Toys
  • Nightwear
  • Tops
  • Swimwear

Powell Craft kids clothes create a cool collection for all fashion forward children – get a few fun pieces

POWELL CRAFT Green Cotton Dinosaur Pyjamas POWELL CRAFT Green Cotton Dinosaur Pyjamas1

POWELL CRAFT Green Dinosaur Bandana Bib POWELL CRAFT Ivory Dinosaur Raincoat

A beautiful selection of toys, accessories and clothing is suitable for little children aged from 0 month to 16+ years old. Wearing clothes from this collection your child remains always under the protection of style and quality. Every piece is art. Wonderfully printed items and iconic patterns prove it. This label has many years of fruitful world behind as well as ahead, so you will have time to get to know this brand better.

This is appropriate time for becoming friends with this fashion house. This label can provide only the best for your kid and this is the most important part. Powell Craft occupies a leading position in apparel industry. It explains a huge army of fans and customers worldwide. Complying with the highest standards this brand succeeds in developing and moving forward towards new creations and new trends.

It helps be closer to the most distant customer. Pick up clothes among the range filled with delicate and extremely bright items. You won’t regret a second you have spent browsing through the pages of the collection.

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