Newborn designer`s clothes are not only fashionable but healthy

It has become a recent trend to create fashion lines of goods for newborns by top fashion labels. The struggle between brands is really severe, but all of them do not lack quality and fashion look. All goods haveouter seams and comfortable cut, which allows the child to be in comfort and safety.

Newborn designer`s clothes are presented by a wide range of models and types

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JOULES Baby Blue Trousers Set LARANJINHA Baby Boys Blue Stripe Shortie

The goods for newborn include such products:

  • coats;
  • packs of muslin cloths;
  • baby-grows and rompers;
  • nestsand bibs;
  • bathrobes and towels;
  • clips and knickers sets;
  • baby blankets and shawls;
  • foot-muffs, hat and mitten sets;
  • photo albums and memento keepsake books;
  • leggings and tights;
  • T-shirts and dresses;
  • cardigans and babysuits.

All goods are presented in a great variety of colors, shapes and sizes. For example, romper of famous fashion label Mayoral is available in six sizes (from 0 months to 1 year old). The bottom half of this unique romper is green check, made in soft woven cotton and a jersey lining. The babygrow fastens at the back and between the legs with poppers.  The top is white soft jersey fleece with navy blue trims and a cute dog appliqué on the front, which leaves an impression of happiness and easiness. Baby blankets of the Mayoral fashion house are presented in two classic colors – pink for girls and blue for boys. Blanket has ivory trims and a cute bunny rabbit print with a sweet satin bow on the front, which will make happy every baby. It is perfect for wrapping your babies in to keep them warm, for use as a comfortable surface or as a sweet nursery or pram accessory. This product is fully made of polyester, which feels super soft and will serve as a great friend for your beloved baby. As the size is 97cm x 80cm, it will be possible to wrap your newborn in the blanket fully and to rock the kid in your arms to make him or her sleep. In such a soft blanket your baby will see only good dreams.

Subtleties of needs of the babies, for whom the designer`s newborn clothes are produced

LARANJINHA Baby Girls Pink 2 Piece Shorts Set LARANJINHA Baby Girls Pink Stripe Shortie

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First of all, skin and age of newborns require special attention of the designers, sewers and other specialists, who deal with the production of such goods. Newborns need protection more than teenagers or grown-up because they are just making first steps in their lives, which can be really difficult. As newborns can`t fully control their bodies they tend to be in danger of being hurt, so the goods for such unprotected little individuals have to be approved by medical specialists.Teams of top designers test all the goods to classify if they have some incorrect cutting or other problems. That is why all things, which are made by top designers, are so tender.

Secondly, design is specially created for every piece of the wardrobe of a toddler and gives your child a perfect look, which is worth a life. Fashion specialists develop several strategies in order to create an aesthetic appearance of a newborn. Top designers make simulations with the help of computers to see how the child will look and feel in this or that piece of wardrobe. For such purposes unique programs have been created, so you can totally be sure, that your newborn will be the trendiest one in the nursery.

Finally, comfort and quality are more than important for the newborns. That is why absolute safety of the child’s health is of the prevailing importance.  Comfort and stability during using the goods, the color steadliness with repeated washing are the main purposes of the makers of all goods for newborns.All baby clothing is sewn in compliance with the production technology. For the production of children’s clothing environmentally friendly fabric and certified raw materials without harmful substances are purchased, such as, cotton, polyester, acrylic. All materials and accessories used for garments for babies, hypoallergenic.

Taking care of the designer`s clothes for newborns

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And it also has to be highlighted, that the fabrics is really soft. That is why clothes for toddlers have to be washed properly at 40 degrees Celsium maximum using gentle spin mode. It is obligatory not to use chlorine bleach in order to keep the fabrics still. Dry cleaning is prohibited, as well as showing stains with the help of solvent. The maximum temperature of ironing should not exceed 150.

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