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Shoes? Who is after shoes? No one will deny the fact that footwear is an irreplaceable thing in everyone’s closet. This is next to impossible to create a perfect look without sandals or high-heels unless you are on the beach. Both high quality and stylish shoes aren’t that hard to find, actually. Coco Chanel herself mentioned once that a girl must have a good pair of shoes. And this is true. Little kids who are in process of developing and growing need appropriate shoes that cannot harm the natural development of feet. Cheap non-quality “shoes” are nothing else but torture for your child’s feet.

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People invented special shoes which are bwing produced according to high standards for reason. Designers around the world think over new models, shapes, designs and all of it is to create a perfect pair of shoes for your kid. It doesn’t have to be either stylish footwear with a great deal of iconic prints or shoes of a superb quality and a reasonable price. Absolutely, not. Right shoes must be comfortable and be designed correctly taking in account all techniques which will provide free motion, ease and comfort.

         In order to avoid all adverse effects of “bad” shoes we would like to introduce one more brand but not least reputable which is called Naturino Facotto. This label was founded in 1988 what makes it experienced and skilled. Falc was the initiator of starting business that would distribute and manufacture footwear for kids. Naturino Facotto designs shoes for those ones who start to crawl and who take their first steps. After its launching this company immediately became a point of reference in the sphere of footwear.

         It stands to reason that children’s safety is above all. That’s why due to on-going collaboration with well-known pediatricians Naturino Facotto succeeds in producing excellent shoes for little ones. We know them – always running, jumping and playing on fields. Their active way of life contributes to quick wearing out. But, nevertheless, we do have some options which knit your kid out with headwear and subtle shoes. They will help your child enjoy the fullness of life exploring new things around and live escapades being sure of safety and stability of the shoe.

         Gathering experience for 30 odd years Naturino Facotto became a global hallmark. Making sure that they are equipped and experienced well enough to manufacture not just comfortable but shoes that will endure the natural development of your child’s feet the Naturino Facotto team immediately got to work. Making up new ideas, inventing some modern techniques, thinking over styles and models they managed to create best shoes for children which obtained the worldwide recognition.

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Discover with us all fabulous ways of protecting your kid’s feet without any restricting in movements browsing Naturino Facotto collection of children’s footwear. There we have:

  • First-walkers
  • Sandals
  • Trainers

These shoes suit both little boys and girls. Just perfect girls silver leather first walker trainers are really perfect for the kids to take their first step. They are sparkling and at once draw people’s attention. Made in soft leather they have two adjustable straps across the shoes. Moreover, heel support and padded ankle make this footwear rather comfortable and stylish at the same time. Cushioned leather footbed and, in addition, rubber non-slip soles that are, by the way, very flexible make these shoes a perfect solution to take a first walk with loving parents. Matching dress can complete the entire outfits making it much more attractive.

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For today, Naturino Facotto annually creates more than 2 million pairs of shoes worldwide all the time arranging outlets and price reductions. The collection of boys shoes is quite rich representing various options for different occasions.

Check it out! Navy blue leather first-walker sandals are made in soft leather with covered toes and padded ankles and a strap fastening. They are lined in beige leather and which is most important – have anatomic non-slip rubber soles. Genuine leather ensures the breathability and total comfort of your kid’s feet.