My 1st years baby clothing and toys

Once upon a time a lovely brand of designer kidswear was established. And it is called My 1st Years. Two best friends decided to create something absolutely special for little tots soon after one of the friends had given a birth to a cute baby girl. Dan and Jonny only wanted to present a little kid with an original and timeless gift. But they just couldn’t find anything worthy. This is why they made up their mind to create it themselves. With a bit of luck, inspiration and ingenuity they managed to launch My 1st Years.

After some research, hours of toiling they completed the mission of designing a pair of baby shoes. Immediately they found practical use to this lovely footwear for the little newborn girl, hoping that this gift would be a hit. Since then they have never ceased producing perfect contemporary wardrobe essentials for babies. A couple of friends was being requested by their relatives, friends and then their line of clothes, accessories and shoes was taken by storm in the whole world.

So this is how My 1st Years was founded. If you wonder what exactly the guys have done to gain and still to maintain such reputation and recognition, we will reveal all the secrets of successful manufacturing of sweet baby clothing.

Over the years after My 1st Years has become so popular, that developers decided to expand the range of goods to include blankets, shawls, clothing, teddies and other toys, home accessories etc

Ditsy Print RucksackMy 1st Bike - BlueBaby's Hooded Fleece Robe - Pink       Pink Personalised Rocking Chair

As a matter of fact this brand has proven the most favorite with our fashion-conscious customers. Time passes so fast, but their fundamental core values remain the same:

  • Top quality
  • Second-to-none customer service
  • Excellent fabrics and materials
  • Soft and smooth
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Dynamic and playful prints
  • Comfortable lines

You see that the main philosophy of My 1st Years is to keep children cozy and warm in up-to-date stylish kidswear, shoes and accessories. Don’t miss the opportunity and browse the new spring-summer collection of 2016 online where a myriad of fashionable models and designs are available.

The new arrivals have come and now your child will be dressed up in innovative and classy clothes which will certainly underscore his individuality. Moreover, designer clothing definitely helps stand against the crowd. Kids love unconventional, spot-on style clothes with ditsy prints and easy-to-wear pieces. Especially when it comes to little tots who need to be kitted out with cozy, warm and soft apparels to keep them safe and in full comfort, adorable items from My 1st Years will offer your family a great many options how to look stylish yet original everywhere.

Browsing the online My 1st Years store you will find some categories which make the process of shopping extremely pleasant and easy

Personalised Star Toy ChestPirate Boat Play TentPersonalised Rocking Scooter Toy - BluePrincess Castle Tent and Tunnel

  • New in
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Clothing
  • Décor
  • Travel
  • Playroom
  • Easter
  • Gifts
  • KIDS

Besides, you can also view a spring 2016 Lookbook from My 1st Years to find some amazing and rather stylish outfits for your baby girl or boy. Of course, you have to choose first what category you need. Here there are many options of clothes, such as:

  • Bibs & Muslins
  • Daywear
  • Shoes
  • Sleepwear
  • Baby boy clothing
  • Baby girl clothing

Then you have a wide range of positions. For instance, if you need some pieces of daywear for the little one, try:

  • Stylish babygrows
  • Personalized dresses
  • Bodysuits
  • Bear fleece onesie
  • Bow cardigans
  • Frilly tights
  • Floral knickers
  • Sleepsuits in different colors
  • Cashmere 2-Piece baby gif set

Bringing a new life in this world is a great event, so My 1st Years takes care of all preparations for this unforgettable occasion

Baby's Hooded Fleece Robe – WhiteChild's Hooded Fleece Robe - BlueBlue Fleece Slipper BootiesPersonalised White Polo Bodysuit

The range of items is carefully selected and they all come with the options of being printed, frocked, embroidered, with a name or a special message from a customer. Here you can express all your creativity not only in choosing special gifts, but in creating them as well.

Whether you are after cute designer shoes from My 1st Years, then we will offer you some interesting variants:

  • Fleece slipper booties
  • White high tops (in different colors and designs)
  • Sandals
  • Ballet pumps
  • Trainers
  • High top trainers
  • Moccasins
  • Handmade embroidery christening socks

All of them are very beautiful. Blue fleece slipper booties look really cute and they learn to toddle while being at home. These tiny booties are super soft – they are made in contrasting hues of light and navy blue colors. These can be a perfect gift for a little tot who makes his first indoor steps. The greatest about the company is that they try to deliver personalized style adding a unique touch. So they suggest you send up to nine characters and My 1st Years team will embroider booties or whatever at no extra costs. In such a way you will get stylish yet absolutely individual and unique items for your kid. Just pick necessary size, color and enjoy the perfection which is delivered by My 1st Years.

If you decided to set on a trip with your child, then you will definitely need some useful essentials. Fortunately, My 1st Years has all of them:


  • Passport cover and luggage tag
  • Printed rucksack
  • Gym bags
  • Lunch box which is quite appropriate while long trips
  • Umbrella
  • Suitcase
  • Little baby pouch
  • Print pencil set
  • Nursery bag

Indulge your little baby girl and present her with an adorable ditsy print rucksack made from durable nylon. This item is perfect and easy for carrying some essentials like books, pencils etc. Little independent girls will certainly fall for this rucksack! It has adjustable shoulder straps which allow using it as the kid grows. Besides, this pretty My 1st Years rucksack has front pockets and extra storage for handy. All measurement you can view on the website

Bathroom is an important place in the house. Here miracles happen. Explore the cutest baby bathroom accessories.

  • Hooded fleece robe
  • Hooded toweling robe
  • Hooded towel and wash cloth
  • Personalized royal crown robe
  • Duck thermometer
  • Bath towels
  • Bath crayons
  • Bath organizer
  • Time watermill
  • Safari animal toothbrush timers
  • Submarine
  • Frog bath support
  • Squeaking duck set

This amazing range of personalized items only proves its perfection and style. Bathroom colorful and playful toys have never been out of place. They make evening bubble baths even more delightful and make kids enjoy from the first second. Quirts or squeaking ducks always make a lot of fun.

Moreover, My 1st Years pieces have been improved and innovated – they dry off really fast and colorful crayons can be easily wiped from the tub when finished. If it happens that the water in your bathtub is too warm My 1st Years duck thermometer shows “hot” and disappears when the temperature has stabilized. Smart, huh?

Embroidered with your baby’s name cotton towels are really lovely. These items are obviously the most necessary after having a bath. The softest and the finest materials make My 1st Years bath accessories subtle and exclusive. Each order comes with a gift box where you can keep your designer exclusive thing or just present it as a gift.

Little tots always have to stay cozy and snug – My 1st Years knows well how to do that. Browse the newest collection of baby bedroom accessories which include:

  • Cashmere blanket
  • Printed cushion
  • Fleece blanket
  • Fleece booties
  • Jacquard knit blanket
  • Hooded blanket
  • Bedding set
  • Teddy bear

Wanna make your child’s room cozy? Then kit it out with My 1st Years! A great many bedroom essentials can be personalized at no costs, adding a personal touch to the room. A fabulous range of printed blankets, cushions are ideal to complete the décor. To wrap your boy or girl in My 1st Years warm and snuggly blankets is a good way to say “Good Night” to the baby. Made of 100% cotton they are available in different but predominantly in pastel colors and shades. But the most important – they are all comfortable, warm and soft. Besides, many designs ensure you have a big choice. Pick those items which suit your child, his personality and individuality. Provide your kid a long and quit night sleep or day nap with cotton pillows and covers.

Give a glimpse at the My 1st Years:

  • Pictures & Prints
  • Room accessories
  • Hanging decorations
  • Wall stickers

Each item has an extremely cute design and it will suit each fashion forward little kid. Make sure you checked out everything for your baby! My 1st Years is an obvious choice how to make your child happy!