Lemon loves lime kids clothes

Discover wonderfully bright color palette with Lemon loves lime kids clothes. Flamboyant, playful hues are what kids really love. Sometimes parents want their children to look like adults, but usually it doesn’t work, ‘cause kids love colors, and colors become them very much. This company is overjoyed to be a part of children’s life, designing cool and pretty apparel for little ones.

In the new spring/summer collection 2016 released by Lemon loves lime you will hardly find a thing in one color. Multicolored bright pieces create abundance of childrenswear. An actual rainbow appear when browse the collection of this fabulous trademark.

Why do kiddies adore lemon loves lime kids clothes?

LEMON LOVES LIME Blue Cotton Jersey 'Petunia' DressLEMON LOVES LIME Blue Cotton Jersey 'Gardenia' Dress & LeggingsLEMON LOVES LIME Blue & White 'Refuse To Sink' Cotton Jersey SkortLEMON LOVES LIME Blue Cotton Jersey 'Summer Fest' Dress

It is true that little fashionistas truly love this brand which is famed for whimsical clothing, full of delicate ruffles, bright diamantes, rich embroidered appliqués and motley hues. It was launched in 2007, but nonetheless it gained respect and recognition so fast that Lemon loves lime kids clothes became desirable and loved by many fashion forward parents around the world.

If you want your kid have bright memories of his childhood, then this benchmark will definitely help you do this. In fact, these clothes are not just high quality, breathable and at an imaginative price, which is also of vital importance, they have some salient features, such as:

  • unicorns
  • mermaids

These creatures from fairy tales are a must have each season, so you can easily share this fairy tale with your kid whose childhood will be really unforgettable then. Presenting your little one with Lemon loves lime kids clothes is another way to express your devotion and unconditional love. The designer of this brand has her own kids by whom she gets inspired for creating more and more sophisticated gears. Love that she has for kids is woven into each piece of clothes that she makes. What she needs is to arouse exuberant smiles and happy emotions while wearing lovely Lemon loves lime kids clothes.

Sweet confection of Lemon loves lime kids clothes

LEMON LOVES LIME Girls Lime Green Cotton Jersey Ruffle 'Lll' ShortsLEMON LOVES LIME Girls Pink Cotton Jersey Ruffle 'Lll' ShortsLEMON LOVES LIME Girls Pink 'Ladybug Fairy Tee' Cotton Jersey TopLEMON LOVES LIME Girls Ivory 'Prancing with Pegasus Tee' Top

  1. It is high time we finally explored the whole selection of sugary pieces from this incredible brand:
    • Skirts
    • Dresses
    • Trousers & shorts
    • Tops
  2. Baby girls who tend to look like princesses aged from 2 years to 9-10 years old will certainly find something catchy and fitting for them. Items from this trademark are made of the softest Pima cotton which is very soft and gentle against the skin. So don’t hesitate and pick some sweet pieces for your daughter.
  3. The main goal is to keep cherished moments from the childhood in their heart. So we try to add as many as possible bright colors starting with clothes and ending with some unforgettable life moments. Your kid will outgrow his childhood, but he won’t be able to forget it.
  4. When you are after some party looks Lemon loves lime kids clothes are what you need. Whether it will be white cotton jersey ruffle skort or blue cotton jersey “Summer Fest” dress. Anyway, your girl will be happy to twirl in such fashionable and comfortable apparel all day long. Practical, comfortable and cozy clothes with sacrificing neither style nor quality are an obvious choice for your child.

Lemon loves lime kids clothes – happy kids

LEMON LOVES LIME Pink Cotton Jersey 'Gardenia' Dress & LeggingsLEMON LOVES LIME Pink 'Petals of the Rainbow' Cotton Jersey DressLEMON LOVES LIME Red Cotton Jersey 'Summer Fest' DressLEMON LOVES LIME Pink Cotton Jersey 'Begonia' Dress

  1. Fun colors and unique patterns are added for extra style and for expressing individuality of each kid. Spring has already come which means it is time to refresh your kid’s wardrobe with floral multicolored pieces.
  2. Don’t waste your time – browse new collection where you will find opulence of whimsical childrenswear:
  • White cotton T-Shirt “Cupcake Carousel”
  • Petunia dress (blue color)
  • Cotton jersey Begonia dress (pink color)
  • Pink cotton ruffle shorts
  • Blue cotton jersey dress & leggings
  • Blue & white “Refuse To Sink” cotton jersey skort
  • Lime green cotton jersey ruffle skort
  • Ivory “Prancing with Pegasus Tee” top
  • Pale pink cotton jersey culottes
  1. Make each moment of your kid’s childhood precious and unforgettable with new stunning attires from Lemon loves lime. Comfort together with exquisite style creates a perfect match. Your child is worth it.