Lacoste kids clothing

  1. Are you fond of crocodiles? You should be. World-famous and renowned for its crocodile logo, Lacoste kids clothing is loved and appreciated by children as well as adults all over the world.

Lacoste kids clothing – its way to success

LACOSTE Boys Blue & White Stripe Piqué Polo Shirt     LACOSTE Boys Blue & White Striped Logo Polo Shirt LACOSTE Boys Blue & Yellow Crocodile Logo Polo Shirt     LACOSTE Baby Boys 3 Piece Suitcase Gift Set

This legendary brand was born in 1921 by Rene Lacoste. Inspired by sport and namely tennis, he gained a tremendous success not only on the court, but in the fashion industry. The design of crocodile was created in 1923 and now it is internationally recognized. The first crocodile signature appeared on Rene’s blazer.

In the early 30s the company released a line of polo shirts, soon after then Lacoste expanded implementing new ideas, creative thoughts into progressive techniques and designs of goods. In the 70s this trademark became incredibly popular among fashion forward kids and grownups.

Lacoste spreads its wide spectrum of items across more than 100 countries. Each second at least two crocodiles are sold. Actually, the team of this company takes much pride in its sporting excellence and considers sport an integral part of our life. Lacoste is a partner of Olympic French team which makes it involved in the world of sport.

Considering all of these, Lacoste has a huge unrivaled heritage on the fashion market. Fashionable clothes together with accessories and footwear are irreplaceable in everyone’s wardrobe.

How Lacoste kids clothing appeals to little fashionistas?

LACOSTE Boys Cotton Jersey Green T-Shirt    LACOSTE Boys Cotton Jersey White T-Shirt LACOSTE Boys Grey Crocodile Logo Print T-Shirt     LACOSTE Boys Blue Fleece Cotton Jersey Zip-Up Top

  • High quality
  • Contemporary style together with classic motifs
  • Luxury models
  • Playful details
  • Bold and quirky prints
  • Cool knits
  • Cozy and comfortable items
  • Reasonable price
  • Recognized logo
  1. For little boys and girls there is a lot of exclusive and remarkable items, off-duty looks, preppy clothes. Delve into the atmosphere of playful crocodiles browsing Lacoste kids clothing collection 2016, where one can find:
    • Dresses
    • Socks
    • Hats
    • Tops
    • Swimwear
    • Tracksuits
    • Tops & Bottom Set
    • Trousers & Shorts
  2. Each item was designed in the height of style and falls in good taste with kids. Lacoste has everything to make your child’s outfit complete. Being dressed in such upscale and gorgeous apparel you kid will be the envy of his friends. Every little girl and boy aged from 12 months to 16+ years old can choose some natty pieces from the spring/summer 2016 collection.
  3. If you are after childrenswear for boys, then here there are oodles of exclusive clothes for any occasion. Let’s discover the whole range together:
  • Boys blue & white stripe pique polo shirt (available in different colors)
  • Blue wave swim shorts
  • Navy blue & white logo sweatshirt
  • Blue fleece cotton jersey zip-up top
  • Baby boys 3 piece suitcase gift set
  • Cotton crocodile logo socks (pack of 3)
  • Navy blue fleece cotton tracksuit
  • Red or green cotton canvas baseball cap with crocodile signature
  • Cotton jersey T-Shirts
  • Pale blue swimming trunk
  • Green chino trousers
  • Bermuda shorts
  • White cotton logo shirt

Why Lacoste kids clothing?

LACOSTE Girls Coral Pink Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt     LACOSTE Girls Pale Pink Piqué Cotton Polo Shirt LACOSTE Navy Blue Softly Textured Cotton Jersey Dress     LACOSTE Girls Blue Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt

  1. Leading and reputable benchmark Lacoste keeps maintaining good reputation sticking to high standards only, which is why it is quite hard for other brands to compete with such a leader of childrenswear production. Lacoste sets the pace and never slows it down. The only goal is to please all kids providing special clothes full of vibrant, saturated and funky colors, unusual printing and perfect fitting for pretty belles and elegant gentlemen. But at the same time Lacoste promotes sportswear and engaging in various sports activities, which is rather important while raising a child.
  2. Now we offer you not least great and fabulous range of Lacoste girls clothing:
  • Blue, pink & white vest top
  • Blue & pink logo sweatshirt
  • Pale pink pique cotton polo shirt
  • Navy blue softly textured cotton jersey dress
  • 3 piece suitcase gift set
  • Bright blue cotton pique polo shirt
  • White crocodile print T-Shirt (in many colors available)
  1. You see that here you will find everything that suits your kid’s needs. Attractive designs together with high quality are what your child will fall for. Kids love being special and unique wearing handpicked clothing. So if you want to indulge your little one, you know what to do. Pick a pair of crocodiles to create a fashionable look. Enjoy the fullness of forms and shapes, imaginative prices and amazing range.