Kissy Kissy baby clothing

What can we actually find browsing new collection of Kissy Kissy baby clothing?

KISSY KISSY Baby Girls 'Forest Fairyland' Pima Cotton Dress      KISSY KISSY Baby Girls 'Nautical Mile' Pima Dress & Knickers KISSY KISSY Baby Girls Pink 'Forest Fairyland' Dress      KISSY KISSY Baby Girls 2 Piece 'Nautical Mile' Trouser Set

If you are after the best clothes for your baby, turn to Kissy Kissy which will provide your kid excellent baby clothing for any occasion. This company was launched in 1995 by Tatiana and Company. They started their business with a small store in Chatham, US. Soon after that it grew in a huge net of boutiques all over the world. This brand was noted for layette made of the softest cotton. Then the name Kissy Kissy appeared featuring exclusive baby clothing.

Kissy Kissy baby clothing is famed for whimsical and playful patterns, fashionable modern design, gentle fabrics and materials, creative prints etc. This label was awarded many times and was given a price for the most favorite Baby & Children’s Product.

Have you ever heard about the Peruvian Pima cotton? Well, this kind of material is being imported from Peru and considered the softest and the finest in the world. Kissy Kissy baby clothing is made exactly from this stuff. So you baby can enjoy a huge variety of items from this award-winning and leading benchmark.

Explore wonderful childrenswear for girls and boys from newborns to 2 years old:

  • Baby accessories
  • Blankets & Shawls
  • Babysuits
  • Dresses
  • Hair accessories
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Tops & Bottom Set

The whole assortment was designed and adapted exactly for babies who since the very beginning of their life want to look pretty and cute thanks to fine Kissy Kissy baby clothing. This company is full of experts how to create incredibly soft and gentle pieces for little girls and boys.

Although Kissy Kissy is privately owned, the line of baby clothing has an international presence. Besides, you can browse the newest collections on the Internet, ‘cause they are all available online.

  1. So what is so called “layette”? This term means a set of accessories and clothing which are required special for newborns. It can be anything – blankets, rompers, sleepwear, onesies Year-round your baby will be kitted out with adorable and upscale apparel made of super soft Peruvian Pima cotton. Kissy Kissy was one of the first companies to use this material. This trademark has also other lines of baby clothing. They are:
  • Kissy Kissy Premier
  • QT-QT by Kissy Kissy
  • Besos by Kissy
  1. In Besos by Kissy line of clothes you will find handpicked sets of christening outfits which include rompers, bibs, gowns, bonnets QT-QT by Kissy Kissy has a large selection of clothes with geometrical design, unique and extraordinary cuts, stitches together with bold prints and patterns. Kissy Kissy Premier is responsible for delivering personalized style by designing handmade and embroidered apparel by local artisans in Peru.
  2. Infusing playful details together with adorable prints and color palette Kissy Kissy creates attractive collections which are loved by parents and kids. The main aim is to design products of the highest quality, but still to create something cute and stylish for little tots.

Kiss your child and present him with Kissy Kissy baby clothing

KISSY KISSY Hand Smocked 'Summer Bishop' Pima Cotton Shortie      KISSY KISSY Pima Cotton 'Summer Bishop' Hand Smocked Babygrow KISSY KISSY Pink 'Forest Fairyland' Pima Cotton Babygrow      KISSY KISSY Baby 'Nautical Mile' Pima Cotton Babygrow

  1. Considerably fast the company very popular and respected by parents who are willing to keep the kid comfortable and cozy round the year. Those ones who have already bought some of Kissy Kissy baby clothing know how soft and gentle against the skin all items are. Moreover, they know that all used fabrics and materials are of impeccable quality. You kid can sleep, run, jump and crawl feeling absolute comfort and coziness.
  2. Let’s see what exactly we can find in the new spring 2016 collection:
  • Baby girls 2 piece trouser set
  • Yellow cotton babygrow
  • Cute cotton bins with different prints
  • Hand smocked cotton shortie
  • Cotton bonnets
  • Lovely girls pink dress
  • Baby sun hat
  • White baby blanket
  • Baby girls dress with knickers
  • Shorts set
  • Hand smocked day gown
  • Cotton bootees

Who among celebrities prefers Kissy Kissy baby clothing?

KISSY KISSY Yellow 'Buzzy Bee' Pima Cotton Baby Hat KISSY KISSY Yellow 'Buzzy Bee' Pima Cotton Babygrow KISSY KISSY Yellow 'Buzzy Bee' Pima Cotton Babygrow1 KISSY KISSY Pink Pima Cotton 'CLB Summer Bishop' Dress

  1. Most of items are unisex, so each piece of clothes will suit or baby girl or boy. One should remember that Kissy Kissy is respected and recognized brand which a great many admirers around the world. Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore dressed up their kids in Kissy Kissy baby clothing. This means something, doesn’t it?


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