Kids` designer belts are the significant part of the children`s wardrobe

Belts are the indispensable accessories in both adults` and kid`s wardrobe. There is a well-known statement that the accessories make the fashion. And it is true, because any look is not full without accessories.  The belt always remains a relevant accessory of any season – narrow or wide, soft or hard enough, made of leather or synthetic fabric, performing a decorative or practical function. They are essential for every look. Thanks to the modern technologies today we have a great range of various models, which would become a perfect part of your wardrobe.

How to choose kids` designer belts by famous brands?

ASTON MARTIN Boys Blue Leather Belt DOLCE & GABBANA Blue Elasticated Belt

GUCCI Green & Red Elastic 'GG' Buckle Belt YOUNG VERSACE Girls Pink Glitter Leather & Chain Belt

To start you should define what exact role the belt will take in wardrobe of your kid: whether it will just make the trousers not fall down, or it will be fashionable and beautiful addition to the look. In most cases, the belt has to combine both functions perfectly.

    • Imagine your kid wearing this belt. With what would it be combined- with casual jeans, festive suit or dress or with something classic? If you pick up the belt for a specific thing – you can safely make it the focus.
    • If the problem is in purchasing the universal belt, combined with all the things from the wardrobe, it is necessary to stay on the classic, almost nondescript, but a convenient and high-quality version.
    • Buying a belt for pants, do not forget to measure the width of buttonholes, in which he would be worn. Belts come in different sizes, and it is quite easy to determine the distance reserved for them on the clothes.
    • It is sometimes desirable that the color of the leather strap matches the color of your kid`s leather shoes. You can also choose the tone of the belt`s leather to match the bags, gloves and other leather accessories of your kid.
    • Choosing a belt you should be sure of quality of fittings, metal elements and other decorations (rhinestones, beads and so on.). No matter of what material do you like the product to be made (the belts are not only made of leather but also of fabric, denim, canvas, etc.) – If after a week of usage, the half of the elements rebound, it will lose all their marketability and attractiveness.
    • The choice of patterns, colors and inscriptions occurs exclusively according to your preferences.
    • Looking for the belt in the online store, be sure to measure your waist to pick the right size belt.

Kids` designer belts for girls and their styles

YOUNG VERSACE Girls Pink Patent Leather Belt with Medusa Buckle ZACCONE Girls Black Elasticated Belt with Heart

ZACCONE Girls Ivory Elasticated Belt with Heart ZACCONE Girls Purple Elasticated Belt with Heart

A designer belt for a girl is more than just a practical thing, it is an important accessory. Look on every single ad, the belt is the strong focus. It even can change or create the entire style of a look. Sometimes the girls` clothing needs accessories, because they are not enough completed. Just imagine, how can you change the simple white long shirt with adding a brown leather belt on a waist? And what about the red one? You see that look is changed dramatically. Our online store offer you a wide range of various belts of different colors and styles. There are leather and elasticized ones with the usage of elastic fabrics, there are also belts of casual, sporty or classic style, so every little girl will find a proper one. Many belts can be worn both by boys and girls, but some of them are unique and beautifully designed special for girls. It is up to you what one you would choose!

Kids` designer belts for boys and their types

ZACCONE Girls Red Elasticated Belt with Heart ZACCONE Girls White Elasticated Belt with Heart

ZACCONE Red Elasticated Belt ALVIERO MARTINI Boys Beige Canvas & Leather Belt

The designer belts for boys are also of two types. The first is the fixed ones; they are made mostly of leather. The second are elasticized belts; they are made with the elastic fabric parts. The designer belts for boys are often used with braces. They also have not only practical functions, but are the necessary accessory for the great traditional look. Combining with an elegant hat and trousers they may create an unforgettable look. The main brands producing the belts for boys are popular in the fashion world

  • DSquared2;
  • Boss;
  • Alviero Martini;
  • John Galliano;
  • Armani Junior;
  • Gucci;
  • Zaccone;
  • Tommy Hilfiger.

All the brands of the list and many others producing qualitative belts for kids are following the latest trends in the fashion world industry. They would become a sign of a good taste of kids and their parents.

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