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KATZ Girls Ivory Satin Ballet Shoes with Rubber Soles KATZ Pink Satin Ballet Shoes with Leather Soles

  1. Katz clothing for kids is your fashionable destination if you want to look pretty and adorable in designer apparel. Katz is considered a leader of dancewear manufacturing in Great Britain.
  2. Here you will know about clothes, shoes and accessories which will suit children who are involved in different activities like dancing or going in for sports. You will be provided with a comprehensive spectrum of goods for little dancers who want to look on style on the stage during performances.
  3. Right and comfortable shoes mean a half of success. Professional shoes are necessary for those ones who prefer to do things in a right way. But still there is always space for being in the height of style wearing professional yet fashionable shoes, clothes and accessories.
  4. A wide range of Katz clothing for kids is represented in:
  • Bat shoes
  • Slip-on shoes

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KATZ Girls White Satin Special Occasion Shoes KATZ Girls Ivory Satin Special Occasion Shoes


Special offers for dancers of all ages will provide little amateurs and professionals the utmost care, softness, safety and comfort. The company focuses on material selection, product design and high standards of the world fashion trade.

Thanks to Katz shoes for kids we can meet all demands of kids who love dancing. Craftsmanship of skilled tailors and designers represent a great many shoes for all kinds of dance. Handpicked, remarkable and beautiful pieces fly off the shelves immediately as many children as well as parents understand pretty well the necessity of professional footwear. With the newest collection of Katz shoes for kids you will get altogether:

  • Coveted selection of goods
  • High quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Each model is adapted for children’s feet
  • Comfort became synonymous with the name Katz
  • Flexibility
  • Practicality
  • Exclusivity
  • This footwear has non-slip soles


  1. The main idea and concept of Katz is to create an appropriate pair of shoes for little ones. Of course, each brand stands against the others due to its unique identity and ability to create something absolutely new for a customer. But Katz shoes for kids embody perfection and style. Katz’s aim is to create footwear to be proud of and to arouse smiles on child’s face. This shows real work and enormous feedback of the trademark. Customers around the world do appreciate the assortment of such stunning and irresistible shoes for those ones who can’t imagine their life without dancing.
  2. The whole range of footwear is designed sticking to traditional methods that have been passed from one generation to another. Admirers of this brand take much pride in this company as it kits out kids with the best quality shoes which were handcrafted by a group of professional craftsmen. And all these efforts were made to cater to all tastes and arouse pleasant emotions by children.
  3. Katz shoes for kids prove that professional footwear does not have to be only practical. No, this is kind of boring. Katz provides designer fashionable shoes for little ballerinas and dancers who never stop being fashionistas while dancing.
  • Let’s take a look at some of them:
  • Girls ivory satin ballet shoes with rubber soles
  • White satin special occasion shoes (available in ivory color)
  • Ivory satin occasion shoes with rubber soles
  • Pink satin shoes with leather soles
  • White satin shoes with rubber soles

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KATZ White Satin Ballet Shoes with Rubber Soles KATZ Ivory Satin Occasion Shoes with Rubber Soles


  1. Each model provides the best comfort for your daughter’s feet. Designers know how hard trainings little dancers have on the way to success. So they try to create the most appropriate shoes which will prevent from excessive tiring and getting exhausted. It happens quite often when legs and feet really hurt. This may happen also because of the not matching pair of shoes which can rub and seem really uncomfortable.
  2. Katz shoes for kids are perfect for little dancers as they are elastic, comfortable, breathable and made of high quality material. For instance, classic pink ballet pumps have leather soles and a draw-string bow on the front side. Besides, there are elasticated straps. This cute footwear is ideal for smart occasion like weddings or any other specialties.

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