Karl Lagerfeld Young kids clothes

  1. This moment has already begun, ‘cause now your kids will be more stylish and fashionable than you thanks to Karl Lagerfeld Young collection. Now all kiddies around the world can enjoy designer’s eponymous collection of childrenswear. This new collection will include ready-to-wear clothes and super cool accessories for newborns and 16 years old kids.

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KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Girls Black 'Rock Chic' Milano Jersey Blazer      KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Girls Black 'Rock Chic' Neoprene Blouson Jacket KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Girls Blue Chambray 'Karl Trends' Blouse      KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Girls Black 'Rock Chic' Bermuda Studded Shorts

  1. Karl Lagerfeld was expected to please all fashion forward children with new concept. With a new line of clothes special for little ones each chic will be dressed up in handpicked and astounding clothing. Dreams come true, don’t they?
  2. Last year Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his line of kidswear in Paris. So now you have a chance to shop it online and to join the world of fashion and trends. Everybody should know the signature logo of Lagerfeld which adds sleek and style to his exclusive items. Enjoy the whole range of goods for little kiddies from Karl Lagerfeld Young:
  • Accessories
  • Babysuits
  • Baby accessories
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Bags
  • Leggings
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Skirts
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Tops
  • Swimwear
  • Toys
  • Towels
  • Underwear
  • Tracksuits
  • Trousers & Shorts

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KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Blue Denim 'Karl Trends' Ruffle Skirt     KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Boys Black 'Rock Chic' Neoprene Hooded Jacket KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Boys Blue Denim 'Kuracao' Bermuda Shorts      KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Black Neoprene 'Rock Chic' Stars & Studs Dress

  1. Browsing this fabulous collection you will see how it reflects designer’s personality and influences to create a modern, fresh and just upscale selection for fashion conscious children. Karl Lagerfeld is an influential and respected fashion designer throughout the world and his lines of clothing for adults and kids is totally progressive and irresistible.
  2. You will never regret your choice in Karl’s favor as each item embodies the combination of superb quality and uberstyle. Each show with his presence and participation takes by storm the whole auditorium that never stops applauding his tremendous success in the fashion industry.
  3. We assure you will get much pleasure while browsing his assortment of exclusive things for boys and girls. Karl Lagerfeld Young is responsible for constant reinvention and contemporary details which add sophistication and sleek. His philosophy is to do something he has never done before. Actually, we find this idelogy progressive yet useful for those ones who want to succeed in the fashion industry and maintain good reputation.
  4. We never stop to underline Karl’s perfect taste of style and his desire to create even more top-notch things which are present in his versatile collection. He works with best materials and fabrics only, choosing silk, cotton, denim, wool, leather

Where you can buy Karl Lagerfeld Young kids clothes online

KARL LAGERFELD KID Boys Green & Grey 'Kuracao' No.1 T-Shirt      KARL LAGERFELD KID Boys Grey 'Rock Chic' Karl Silhouette T-Shirt KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Black 'Karleidoscope' Cotton & Modal Dress    KARL LAGERFELD KID Boys Blue 'Karleidoscope' Bermuda Shorts

As a matter of fact his items are very easy to recognize as they contain many details which send us exactly to Karl Lagerfeld:

  • His profile practically on all items
  • Whiskered felines which are so loved be kids are the sign of Karl’s work
  • Cutting-edge approach
  • Dynamic cuts
  • Exclusive design
  • Perfect fitting
  • Impeccable quality

Karl Lagerfeld Young delivers personalized style to everyone who wears these exclusive easy-to-wear clothes, fashionable accessories and shoes. If you are after some casual clothing, then you should try some options for boys, such as:

  • Blue denim Bermuda shorts which will perfectly match with grey “Rock Chic” Karl silhouette T-Shirt
  • Blue “Karleidoscope” Bermuda shorts will do with light green and grey T-Shirt
  • Black leather biker jacket
  • For little boys there is “Kitten” black & white shirt babygrow and cute grey “kitten” hat
  • Black jersey jacket is for smart occasions
  • Grey hooded tracksuit
  • Baby bins gift set
  • Black cotton handmade tie
  • Many various printed T-Shirts
  • Black quilted backpack
  • Baby grey pre-walker shoes
  • Hooded cardigan
  • Cotton knitted sweater
  • White cotton shirt and black wool & jersey blazer for special occasions
  • Grey & white lace-up trainers
  • Girls don’t drop behind – there is much to browse in the Karl Lagerfeld Young collection:
  • Girls blue chambray blouse
  • Black jeans with studs
  • Cotton & modal dress in black and yellow colors
  • Apricot pink jersey dress
  • Black leather biker jacket for more brutal look
  • White cotton poplin dress
  • Grey “Kitten” print babygrow
  • Bibs gift set
  • Black and grey neoprene & organza sweater
  • Bright orange fringed T-Shirt with ice cream print
  • Rain boots with logo print
  • White “Chanel Spirit” tweed skirt
  • 2 pack of bodyvests
  • Cute pink “Kitten” leggings
  • Smart white cotton shirt for special occasion etc.

One way or another you will be impressed how many surprises are hidden in the Karl Lagerfeld Young collection. Find them all – love them all!

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