lL Gufo children’s clothes

We bring big brands to tiny kids who want to stay cozy and snug with lL Gufo children’s clothes. Here you will certainly find an exciting range of designer clothes, shoes and accessories. This house is a leader in clothes manufacturing among many brands and it succeeds in maintaining high level of standards providing population of little children with ravishing apparels.

Give a glimpse and make sure your kid is ready for new arrivals from lL Gufo children’s clothes:

  • Baby Accessories
  • Babysuits
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Dresses
  • Hair Accessories
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Shoes
  • Tops
  • Tops & Bottom Set
  • Tracksuit
  • Trousers & Shorts

Where you can buy IL Gufo children’s clothes

IL GUFO Baby Girls Pink Cotton Jersey Shortie with Flowers      IL GUFO Girls White & Red 2 Piece Top & Shorts Set IL GUFO Navy Blue & White Striped Dress       IL GUFO Baby Boys White & Blue Striped Shortie

  1. This Italian brand was established in 1980 by a caring mum of three children. Waiting for them from school she spent her time at the sewing machine working out different concepts of clothing for dear kids. She knew exactly what they like and what they need, so it was not that hard for her to create something really special for them. Giovanna Miletti, the renowned designer, started her collection with cute bibs and lovely jabots in all possible colors and shades. Soon after that, when she realized that lL Gufo children’s clothes fly off the shelves at once, she reconsidered her concept and expanded the production into the development of awesome apparels for little children in appropriate designs and shapes.
  2. lL Gufo new spring/summer collection represents a mix of elegant, delicate and just gorgeous clothes for children. Sweet sailor look is still on trend this season – so hurry up and order some super cool sailor pieces. lL Gufo children’s clothes tends to fall in good taste with kids, so the creative team always makes a research about up-to-date tendencies in the world of little kids.
  3.  lL Gufo is nowadays one of the most popular brands on the fashion market who has been gaining its experience for over 30 years. Actually, it is enough to develop the whole empire which would do nothing but cater to all tastes. This is exactly what lL Gufo is aiming at.
  4. The entire line of designer clothing was crafted in fine fabrics and materials which provide the utmost care and comfort for kids. Soft and smooth fabrics only, but yet high quality make the closet of each kid irresistible and subtle. Playful and vibrant colors make all necessary accents on the lL Gufo children’s clothes.
  5. In the new collection from the leading designer you will find quite and gentle colors, linen skirts, dresses, 3D bows and flowers etc. Browsing it online you will come across a myriad of available stuff designed by lL Gufo.
  6. Exactly this high-profile fashion company in considered to be an aristocratic and legendary Italian label which shows itself in intricate details, comfortable models, soft colors and impeccable quality.

View all collection of IL Gufo children’s clothes

IL GUFO Boys Navy Blue Lightweight Quilted Jacket      IL GUFO Girls Blue Linen Blouse IL GUFO Girls Navy Blue Patent Leather Bow Shoes      IL GUFO Boys Navy Blue & White Leather Loafers

Fascinating pieces for babies at the age from 0 months to 16+ years old are awaiting its little customers. Choose ethereal lL Gufo children’s clothes made of chiffon, cotton, leather, denim, linen. Fashionable boys and girls will enjoy rather cute and sweet items.

The collection of lL Gufo children’s clothes has many favorable options, such as:

  • White & grey cotton jersey babygrow
  • Navy blue & white leather loafers
  • White & blue bunny cotton bib
  • Monkey in Top Hat tracksuit in grey color
  • Linen shortie (black and white)
  • Navy blue lightweight foldaway jacket
  • Blue regular fit jeans
  • Cotton twill Bermuda shorts

With IL Gufo children’s clothes your kids will have beautiful look

IL GUFO Orange & White Striped Dress      IL GUFO Pink Cotton Jersey Dress with Flower Appliqué IL GUFO White Jersey & Navy Blue Check Dress       IL GUFO Navy Blue Cotton Jersey Dress with Flowers

Basically, the variety of stuff which is available on IL Gufo store online is big and versatile enough to choose clothes for smart occasions and urban wear. All of IL Gufo children’s clothes represent pizzazz and easy to wear style which is so loved and appreciated by kids.

The collection for girls is as big as boys’ as it contains many essentials for any occasion.

  • Cotton jersey headband (coral red striped bow)
  • Dresses with lovely floral appliqués
  • T-Shirts with navy blue flowers
  • Yellow, dark blue, pink jersey dress with beautiful flowers
  • Pink patent leather bow shoes
  • Linen dress with bow in the font
  • White quilted jacket
  • Peach pink cotton trousers with bow
  • Navy blue cotton jersey 2 piece leggings set etc.

Enjoy all outfits in full with IL Gufo children’s clothes!