Hatley baby clothing


20 years ago people found out about a fascinating brand Hatley which designs beautiful kids clothing. With a married couple at the helm the company is thriving more and more each year. Today many parents wonder what kind of clothes they should choose for their babies. Stop wondering and browse through a perfect range of Hatley baby clothing.

Why do kids love Hatley baby clothing?

HATLEY Boys Blue 'Chameleon' Cotton Jersey PyjamasHATLEY Boys Green & Blue 'Chameleon' TopHATLEY Boys Blue & Green 'Wild Dino' WelliesHATLEY Boys Teal Blue 'Aeroplanes' Hooded Raincoat

Together with skilled designers we are ready to represent you a wide spectrum of super stylish clothing. Each item is made of the highest quality and is adapted special for active and energetic children. The collection under this label suits each kid at the age from 3 months to 11-12 years old and singles out lines of clothes for boys and girls.

It does not matter what kind of weather it is outdoors, ‘cause Hatley baby clothing will provide you both comfort and style either on sunny days or in the rain. The main must haves of the spring/summer 2016 season are:

  1. Wellies
  2. Raincoats
  3. Pajamas

These items have a special design which features ditsy bright prints, attractive patterns and comfortable lines. You can be sure your child will be absolutely happy to wear Hatley baby clothing even on cold days when the weather does nor arouse big smiles. Hatley will elicit big grins on child’s face. Bright rich color palette make a good impression and it strongly contrasts with the weather.

Hatley baby clothing philosophy

HATLEY Girls Pink & Red 'Strawberry Sundae' WelliesHATLEY Girls Pink & Red 'Strawberries' Hooded RaincoatHATLEY Girls 'Ice Cream' Vest & Shorts PyjamasHATLEY Girls Pink 'Heart' Cotton Jersey Pyjamas

The whole world looks forward to a new extensive range of goods which is available today on our website. This trademark stands for its own principles which are so familiar to ours: family, superb quality together with exclusive designs. That’s why people so appreciate this brand. We also love Hatley for loads of laughs which this company gives.

Celebrating great style we want each kid have a nice outfit for any occasion. Inspired by nature the designers of this company are famed for high quality clothing for rainy weather, such as rain coats, fun-filled nightwear and stylish rubber shoes. Discover the entire selection of goods:

  • Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Nightwear
  • Sun Protective
  • Swimwear

We like to see kids who look on style, so does Hatley. Nothing can prevent them from being comfortable and fashionable. Try Hatley baby clothing realize it yourself. Try exclusive high quality wellies in many colors:

  • Red & Pink
  • Pink & Purple
  • Blue & Orange
  • Red & Blue
  • Blue
  • Red

These wellies will provide your child the utmost care when it is raining. Kids do love to step on puddles, but ordinary footwear can afford to have such fun – it might split because of much moisture and water. So we offer you amazing wellies which will let your child enjoy his childish moments of life.

Little miracles for little tots from Hatley baby clothing

HATLEY Girls White 'Ice Cream' Cotton Jersey PyjamasHATLEY Girls Purple 'Ladybirds' Print Hooded RaincoatHATLEY Girls Pink 'Heart' Vest & Shorts PyjamasHATLEY Pale Blue 'Dinosaurs' Print Hooded Raincoat

You can be sure that these clothes won’t leave you and your kid indifferent. Pretty paintings on cloths, funny prints wit dinosaurs, butterflies create an impression as if you were in a fairy tale full of extraterrestrial creatures. This is gonna delight every little one who just wants to look pretty.

If you decide to buy sophisticated kids clothing under this label, you should know about the quality of the production. Hatley is a Canadian designer who selects the finest materials for her collection of baby clothing. All fabrics are hypoallergenic, made of natural fibers and are rather gentle against the child’s skin. They allow skin to breathe and do not hinder free motion. The designers use only azo-free dyes which make each item safe for children.

Sweet dreams can occur only while wearing adorable Hatley nightwear for kids. This helps enjoy each minute of daily nap or sleep during the night. We suggest you take a deep breath and a look at the collection from this prominent designer who tries to cater to all tastes, to indulge each kid not only in Canada or in the USA, but around the world.

Stay on style and comfortable wearing Hatley baby clothing!