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Well, well, here we are on out fashion blog where one can enjoy the abundance of stylish garments for adults as well as for kids. Exclusive things are an integral part of each collection where designers represent their output. Working hard on each detail they try to cater to all tastes creating intriguing and sophisticated stuff. This is like races – reputable fashion houses fight for domination on the market. Today the requests are incredibly high so it’s sometimes pretty hard to catch up some renowned brands.

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GREVI Boys Grey Hemp Trilby Hat     GREVI Boys Ivory Cotton Flat Cap with Hearts Print GREVI Boys Navy Blue Linen Cap      GREVI Boys Beige Linen Cap

Grevi established in 1875 is considered one of the most reputable and long-standing companies specializing on hats and accessories production. Its headquarter is situated in a beautiful city named Florence.  Grevi is loved by more and more parents who understand the necessity to dress up kids in a high quality and stylish clothes to make them look happy and at the same time on trend. Over the years Grevi has managed to gain recognition globally distributing handpicked and remarkable hats to any corner of the world.

Developing the line of subtle hats Grevi designers provide kids the utmost care using safe materials and fabrics only, such as velvet, organza, straw, linen, cotton and wool. They guarantee the best quality and sense of comfort for your children. Grevi hats are unbelievable as they can last a lifetime thanks to Italian craftsmanship. Now such headwear enjoys ever-growing popularity among fashion forward families. These designer hats are irreplaceable in the wardrobe of each kid as they protect them from the sun or on cold days helping to stay cozy and snug.

Today Grevi collection of goods includes:

  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Scarves

And you shouldn’t be worried about safety of your kid – Grevi has already taken care of it. The designers work with 100% natural materials and make each item with love for children which makes this brand reliable and respected. 100% customer satisfaction is what Grevi team is also ready to offer. Each kid will certainly love all Grevi items as they were developed and adopted exactly for little ones.

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GREVI Girls Brown Synthetic Fur Hat      GREVI Girls Ivory Synthetic Fur Scarf with Bow GREVI Girls Orange Grosgrain Ribbon Hat with Bow      GREVI Bright Pink Fleece Bonnet

As a rule, Grevi prefers to use soft materials which help to feel comfort in any environment. These products suit for kids aged 0 months – 16 years old. More than ever admirers of this brand appreciate Grevi range of goods. And it makes them work even harder on the spectrum, on details and designs which will never disappoint customers. That’s why every collection is taken by storm and acquires thus more and more fans of stunning bags, hats and scarves for kids.

If you are in a search of something really cute for your little daughter then turn your attention to this cool Grevi pale pink alpaca knitted hat made of very soft alpaca and wool blended knit. Feather decorated ears on the top of the hat make this item intricate and extremely cute. A grosgrain ribbon bow is situated on the front immediately drawing attention. It has rather stretchy and generous fit, so it will not press and cause discomfort. Combining this pretty hat with matching suit or a dress you will create a perfect outfit.

For little fashion-conscious boys Grevi prepared many options what to put on sunny days. Blue stripped grosgrain sun hat is actually unisex. It has button trims on the side and the trim can be worn turned up or down which creates 2 different looks. Anyway, Grevi hats will make any outfit cool and complete.

Don’t forget white cotton bag with navy blue or pink bow if you decided to go to the beach. Made with a textured, stitched layered look and feel this bag is pretty lightweight. It has one open compartment and two short carry handles. This lovely bag is perfect to carry some essentials in.

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GREVI Girls White Cotton Bag with Navy Blue Bow     GREVI Girls White Grosgrain Ribbon Hat with Bow GREVI Yellow Fleece Bonnet     GREVI Girls White Cotton Bag with Bow

The idea which Grevi tends to while designing gentle hats is to produce a design which would combine comfort and style altogether. Little chic will love the hats as the collection represents a huge diversity of hues and shades – yellow, beige, red, pink, orange, ivory, navy blue etc.