Gloverall childrens duffle coat

Stop whatever you have been doing before and take a glimpse at one of the most stylish, sophisticated, intricate and captivating collection of spring 2016 which is full of fashionable clothes from leading designers all over the world. It contains pretty much to cater to all tastes knitting men, women and children with beautiful apparels. Explore with us oodles of designer outfits made of the finest materials and which embody beauty and style.

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GLOVERALL Traditional Black Wool Hooded Duffle Coat     GLOVERALL Traditional Brown Wool Hooded Duffle Coat

Speaking of the new spring collection of 2016 we assure you – it’s full of surprises. Now you have an opportunity to discover popular must haves to provide you child with. It won’t take much time to find something absolutely special and worthy for the wardrobe refreshment. Anyway, your beloved kid will shine with smile wearing just awesome garments from leading brands.

         Among a great number of fashion houses which are engaged in designer clothes manufacturing, there is one, which hasn’t been mentioned yet, named Gloverall. With the new season many companies want to show to the whole world their fruitful work on designing gorgeous and extravagant clothing. New arrivals have come and now get ready to get to know all new tendencies.

         Wealth of new apparels was designed by Gloverall. Since their establishment in 1951 they managed to distribute a myriad of stylish outfits worldwide. A thoroughly British brand proved its uniqueness and taste. English style is noted for being very exquisite and delicate. Gloverall actually made a lot to gain common recognition and glory. They stick to high standards and never sacrifice quality. Such priorities always pay back with loyal customers who love this brand. In fact, Gloverall specializes in designing original and fine duffel coats and due to these items Gloverall managed to achieve iconic status.

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GLOVERALL Traditional Dark Grey Wool Hooded Duffle Coat     GLOVERALL Traditional Mid Grey Wool Hooded Duffle Coat

Why not try to make your child the most stylish and natty in new Gloverall duffel coat? This company gathers the best and the finest fabrics and materials altogether and create a real masterpiece. A traditional English tailoring proved to be absolutely professional. In fact, many reputable fashion critics could appreciate each item from Gloverall kids collection.

         Shop an exclusive selection of Gloverall duffel coats for boys and girls at the age from 2 to 14 years old. Boys will be grinning in a traditional dark grey wool hooded duffel coat. Make your little boy feel like a real Englishman – discover traditional craftsmanship by choosing this duffel coat. It is dark grey made in traditional wool mix and is with a double faced check lining. An adult model was transformed and adopted for children. In fact, a Gloverall duffel coat is suitable and rather durable for daily play and is snug and warm on extreme cold days. The coat is knee length which helps to keep your child warm and cozy. It also has a pancake hood and classic front toggles with leather loop fastenings. Moreover, this duffel coat features 2 large front pockets with flaps which assure your baby’s hands will stay cozy. Choose among many color options –

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red

Explore other quite delicate solutions from the collection of Gloverall duffel coats.

  • Traditional mid grey wool hooded duffel coat
  • Traditional brown wool hooded duffel coat
  • Traditional navy blue wool hooded duffel coat
  • Traditional red wool hooded duffel coat
  • Traditional back wool hooded duffel coat

Such pea coats are on the top of this season due to their softness and practicality together with a high quality. Its traditional double-vested style is what duffel coats are noted for. At the very beginning pea coats were produced for naval use only but then they became popular and loved by the whole world. Classic and quintessential coats produce quite an impression, by the way. Skilled craftsmen from England did their best to introduce the finest Gloverall duffel coats.

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GLOVERALL Traditional Navy Blue Wool Hooded Duffle Coat      GLOVERALL Traditional Red Wool Hooded Duffle Coat

All items are handpicked and handmade which add the touch of exclusivity and delicacy. Premium quality stuff ensures their hardwearing. That is why Gloverall duffel coats have great demand and good reputation. Besides, children love this tradition style, ‘cause they feel warm and comfortable wearing designer stunning apparel.