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Best shoes ever! Who wants to have best shoes in the world? You are lucky then, ‘cause we will represent you the most flexible, breathable, lightweight and the softest kids footwear which is gonna serve you a long time.

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In a search for a high quality shoes you should know that children’s foot is developing and growing and that’s why we need to provide them with the most hardwearing and upscale footwear which will contribute to natural development of feet. Each item should be made of a superb quality material and it must be comfortable to wear on any floor surface. After some constructive thinking we decided to introduce this well-known and reputable Austrian brand which was born in 1954. Since the very establishment this trademark managed to achieve immense success and recognition the whole world through. And its name is Giesswein. They started their manufacturing from producing knitted items for some private customers and when they realized that people really appreciate their designer fabulous pieces Giesswein team immediately decided to expand the range of goods making them available for everyone.

Now when Giesswein is globally recognized for their line of fantastic shoes flies off the shelves. This brand is actually noted for both superb quality and style which is why it’s so reputable domestically and beyond the country. Of course, they started their production with designing men’s and women’s footwear, but they never stopped to develop and eventually they began to manufacture children’s shoes which are tiny models of brilliant collection for adults. But, nevertheless, Giesswein collection of kids footwear is special and complete – it contains a great deal of unique details, such as energetic prints and quirky patterns and exquisite shaping. Parents adore this brand for reason as it represents a huge selection of footwear for little ones. And this is not just cool design, which is also important, the point is in an impeccable quality and reasonability.

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We are sure that your kid deserves only the best shoes and you can find them browsing Giesswein collection of children’s footwear. As to variety of shoes, the Austrian brand focuses on designing –

  • Pre-walkers
  • Slippers

A wide range of colors and styles makes each item worth your attention. Boys and girls will look absolutely stylish while wearing innovative and passionate Giesswein shoes. By the way, there you can find many options for any occasion. Which color does your kid like most? Beige or white, black, blue, brown, grey, ivory, pink or red? Anyway, you have a lot of things to choose from.

With Giesswein shoes you will get:

  • Comfort
  • High Quality
  • An Affordable Price
  • Up-to-date design
  • Ease

Discover one of the most popular must haves of this season – Giesswein slippers for kids which reflect ethnic motifs and an extremely sophisticating style. Suitable for casual wear they will add a zest in each outfit. Ivory boiled wool traditional slipper bootees exactly represent fine work of a real master who pays homage to traditions. They are made of 100% virgin soft feel wool and have knitted high-top. Non-slip flexible soles with natural latex are absorbing and heat insulating. They are machine washable which is rather useful. In fact, these cute slippers will do both for girls and boys.

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If you are looking for something more cute and girlish then pay attention to these baby girls dark pink kitten wool slippers. They are bright, playful, comfortable and stylish. Sweet kittens appliquéd makes them rather intricate and catchy. Elasticated rim keep the slippers in place on the feet. It’s quite an offer for toddlers and first walkers because of their non-slip flexible soles.

The only thing you’ve got to do is to choose the favorite one and the right size and then you can enjoy the epitome of true style and exclusivity. Giesswein is an expert in footwear production for kids which is both comfortable and practical. Now all goods under this trademark enjoy worldwide recognition and admiration. Their vocation is to cater for all kids’ needs making them fashionable and contemporary. Choosing Giesswein you make a step into the world of stylish things.