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Watching people in fabulous apparels with fine accessories and stylish shoes walking down the street develops our sense of beauty – some designers might say. And they may have right – the way we get dressed is quite important. In fact, there are many occasions where special type of clothes is required – formal or casual. And you have to keep to it.

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GF FERRE Boys White Leather & Blue Velcro Trainers     GF FERRE Boys White, Black & Navy Blue Leather Trainers

GF FERRE Boys White, Navy Blue & Red Leather Deck Shoes      GF FERRE Boys Blue & White Leather Velcro Trainers

Dressing up little kids can be overwhelming, ‘cause sometimes they are very hard to please. Remember those kids who would put off their hat after they leave the house. But if the kid loves something – a dress or a hat –you should try better to pull it off him. Our mission is to find those clothes which will cater to all tastes. Our kids should have the sense of beauty, shouldn’t they?

Don’t fret, ‘cause we will share with all tricks and secrets to make your child’s outfit just great. Today let’s consider one high-profile fashion house which tends to kit all kids out with handpicked remarkable gears that your little one will certainly fall for. This brand offers us to steep in oodles of fashionable and stylish pieces which produce an unforgettable impression.

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GF FERRE Boys Block Colour Top with Glasses Print        GF FERRE Boys White & Blue Logo Shortie

GF FERRE Boys White & Navy Blue Cotton Jersey Bootees       GF FERRE Boys Black, White & Orange Cotton Tracksuit

Gian franco Ferre collection for kids contains all contemporary essentials for any occasion. They pay homage to traditions, but, nonetheless, GF Ferre is always engaged in creating innovative and authentic stuff. Launched in 2003 this trademark made the world get thrilled with joy and rapture. Some people call them “architects of fashion” and that is for reason. This legendary and recognized label is truly devoted to little kids and the way they look. Some might say that this hallmark is young enough and not that experienced. Basically, you are right in a way. But GF Ferre managed to gain all needed experience and skills to produce upscale and just fantastic apparels for children.

 Nowadays GF Ferre is popular not only in Italy but far beyond. This company has many things which attract customers – up-to-date stylish designs, iconic prints and perfect quality. The do know how to impress little hard-to-please customers. GF Ferre was highly estimated by fashion critics – Giorgio Armani is among them. Well, GF Ferre kids clothes reflect the whole attitude, unique style, creativity, coherence and intellectualism. Gathered under one label all items arouse admiration and surprise by kids as well as by parents. By the way, it’s quite comfortable to order clothes online to save some time. GF Ferre kids clothes can be bought at a reasonable price, especially when you come across sales.

Guaranteeing high quality and stylish things GF Ferre maintains rather good reputation among caring mums worldwide. Speaking of the newest spring 2016 collection, it contains a good deal of fine items, such as:

  • Accessories
  • Baby Accessories
  • Babysuits
  • Bags
  • Blankets & Shawls
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Nests & Sleep Bags
  • Shoes
  • Suits
  • Swimwear
  • Tops
  • Tops & Bottom Set
  • Tracksuit
  • Trousers & Shorts

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GF FERRE Boys White & Red Nautical T-Shirt     GF FERRE Girls Floral Top & Green Leggings 2 Piece Set

GF FERRE Girls White & Yellow Diamanté Logo Tracksuit     GF FERRE White & Navy Blue Logo Baby Changing Bag

Each piece of clothes points its reference in exquisite taste and style making kids feel snug and cozy wearing GF Ferre kids clothes. Boys and girls from 0 to 14 have a chance to enjoy vibrant colors on quirky prints and subtle designs of all items. Browsing the collection you will delve into the world of pretty clothing. Every single item reflects the philosophy of GF Ferre.

For sportwear we would advise to turn your attention to baby boys navy blue and white tracksuit with logo print. It is made of stretch soft cotton jersey and the hooded zip-up tops has a red striped pocket from one side. The trousers are very comfortable as they have elasticated waistband for added fit and comfort – a matching red pocket at the back with logo tag embellishes the tracksuit making it very stylish.

As a matter of fact GF Ferre white shirts became a symbol of his personal signature in manufacturing of fashion items. Girls white floral print T-Shirt is short-sleeved and is made of stretch cotton jersey. A floral print in the shape of girl arouses warm and romantic feelings. Under the print there’s a designer logo. Combine this shirt with cheeky jeans and enjoy a killing outfit full of style and sophistication. Spring has come – are your ready for the wardrobe refreshment?