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The world of fashion clothes for kids is filled with new models and trends which are not only attractive and stylish – they are being made with love and utmost care from the most reputable designers around the world. Many people who are fond of fashion look forward to new shows where all season must haves are present. Pretty models wearing designer apparels always produce quite an impression on viewers, but sometimes it can arouse confusion and misunderstanding. Anyway, designers’ vocation is to surprise public with extraordinary fashion gears.

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GANT Baby Boys Blue Cotton Piquê Polo Shirt     GANT Baby Boys Mid-Wash Blue Denim Jeans GANT Baby Girls Ivory, Floral Print Cotton T-Shirt     GANT Blue & White Floral Viscose Dress

Representing all efforts in a new collection the renowned fashion experts show how badly their want every fashion forward person to put on exclusive high quality clothes which make people really special and self-confident.

         While looking for stylish casual childrenswear or clothing for smart occasions don’t forget to swing by a Gant store. This brand was born in 1949 starting its production with shirts which brought them worldwide recognition and admiration. Nonetheless, the Gant team has never stopped developing – they expanded the range of goods and were engaged in reinventing their stuff. The whole production is extremely rich in legacy as well as in history.

         As a matter of fact, the name of this reputable designer is Bernard Gnatcatcher who drew inspiration from his sons. He felt like creating something incredible and unique for the kids and thus Bernard released his line of kidswear under the label Gant. His 2 sons – Marty and Elliot – went on to spur Gant to a tremendous success providing assistance in production of each item. It stands to reason – they tailored shirts so perfectly that everybody could nothing but appreciate it.

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GANT Boys Faded Blue Denim Shorts      GANT Boys Mid Wash Blue Denim Jeans GANT Boys Navy Blue Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt      GANT Boys Orange Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt

Gant line of childrenswear is noted for relaxed and smart style. The Gant team offers kids of all ages to enjoy preppy pieces for both girls and boys. The abundance of Gant kids clothes includes:

  • Babysuits
  • Blankets and Shawls
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Skirts
  • Socks
  • Suits
  • Tops
  • Tops and Bottom Sets
  • Trousers and Shorts

Each item is made of impeccable quality materials and fabrics which were subject to numerous tests and answer all requirements. Cotton, denim and wool will make every piece of clothes hardwearing and at the same time comfortable. In addition, the color scheme is extremely rich and saturated – it includes beige, black, blue, green, ivory, orange, pink, red and white shades. Perfect and skilled tailoring gives us a platform and full security that this brand will knit your kid out with natty and exquisite attires. Made with taste and sophistication Gant kids clothes will please each child who tends to look perfect.

The trademark Gant, being a passionate and innovative shirt-maker, singles out versatile clothes both for girls and boys making them equally stylish and world-class. They easily become the most favorite wardrobe staples. Each jaunt is gonna be unforgettable in new Gant kids jeans.

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GANT Boys Pale Green Cotton Oxford Shirt      GANT Girls Bright Pink Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt GANT Girls Navy Blue Knitted Cotton Cardigan      GANT Girls Pale Pink Oxford Cotton Shirt

Boys mid wash blue denim jeans are made in soft cotton denim. Gant sticks to traditions and five pocket jeans style is another proof. These jeans have belt loops fading down the legs. As to fit, they have small fitting waist and straight fit legs. The waist is adjustable on all sizes, by the way. Gant jeans have zip and popper fastening as usual. These jeans certainly embody Gant’s style and attitude, making them an obvious choice for fashion-conscious kids.

Gant is noted for playful hues, relaxed designs and the fullest comfort which means to provide your kid with top-notch clothes would be the most right choice. This brand does for girls and boys who love adventures and off-duty style, wearing preppy and cheeky apparels. The whole collection is crafted in incredibly gentle compositions.

Such gentle like baby girls blue & white floral viscose dress which is short-sleeved and buttons at the back to fasten. This natty dress is so romantic being embellished with cute flowers which stand against the blue background. It is ideal for smart occasions and casual style. The dress will perfectly go with matching sandals. We have no doubts, this Gant floral dress will become your little girl.

Be ready to enjoy sophisticated and just ethereal pieces from Gant.