Frugi organic clothing for kids

Fun, fascinating, flamboyant Frugi organic clothing for kids! This brand is relatively new on the fashion market, but still is has a lot to offer for little children who always stay on trend. It was established in 2004 by a married couple who couldn’t find anything fitting for their first kid. This misfortune made them think about launching their own business in order to create stunning apparel for children.

Frugi stands for organic clothing for kids

FRUGI Babys Navy Blue Organic Cotton 'Charlie' RomperFRUGI Blue Organic Cotton 'Little Pretty Party' DressFRUGI Blue Organic Cotton 'Tehidy Outfit' Dress & KnickersFRUGI Baby Navy Blue 'Little Alex' Organic Cotton Dungarees

They were eager to dress up not only their own kids, but children all across the globe filling the gap in the fashion market. Frugi clothing for kids is not just pretty designer items; they are environmentally safe and organic which is very important for this trademark. This company offers so many impressive and upscale gears so one cannot keep a count on them.

This is not about ordinary clothes, these pieces are of high quality which will suit your kid in every walk of life. This company has already become one of the leading of the UK because of their right approach to the manufacturing and a huge desire to meet all children’s requirements. Frugi organic clothing for kids has a great many admirers throughout the world so this brand is selling exclusive items under its label to more then 40 countries and 500 retailers.

All ranges of kidswear impress and make children fall in love with each item from the collection. Frugi organic clothing for kids features:

  • bright prints
  • exquisite designs
  • right shapes
  • comfortable lines and cuts

We can celebrate memorable and precious moments from the childhood through bright prints, rich colors, beautiful designs. The designers only want to make children smile at any corner of the world. Frugi organic clothing for kids will cover your child from early childhood and far beyond. Breathtaking soft organic cotton items have passed all tests and meet all standards of the market.

Kids can easily play, run, jump and sleep in Frugi organic clothing. Clothes under this label were made to be hardwearing. Husband and wife who created this brand managed to cater to their kid taste so now it is turn of other children who need top quality trendy clothing.

Join Frugi family and enjoy Frugi organic clothing for kids

FRUGI Boys Red & Grey Organic Cotton 'Samson' ShortsFRUGI Boys Blue 'Wheels' Organic Cotton Jersey T-ShirtFRUGI Boys Red Organic Cotton Check ShortsFRUGI Boys Navy Blue Stripe 'Ollie' Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Frugi organic clothing for kids cares for children as well as for environment. Many of parents were looking forward to appearing something like Frugi. You wanna know why? Because Frugi organic clothing for kids is both environmentally safe, high quality and dressy. Natural fibers and soft cotton reflect Frugi’s concern for our environment.

Choosing clothes for kids this is quite important to find something that is going to last and wash well. Children are moving non-stop which is why we need to kit them out with hardwearing designer clothing what would bring your baby the utmost care, comfort and joy. So we suggest you join Frugi family in order to get closer to the latest trends and must haves for your child.

Frugi is really concerned about environment so clothes are made according to Global Organic Textile Standards. Do you wanna know what it means? It means that cotton for the manufacturing was grown in chemical-free areas. Safe is the number one priority.

Kids aged from premature to 9-10 years old, it is your time to explore a wonderful range of goods which consists of organic clothing for kids. Here your baby can try:

  • Babysuits
  • Dresses
  • Baby accessories
  • Hats
  • Skirts
  • Leggings
  • Socks
  • Tops
  • Tights
  • Trousers & Shorts
  • Tops & Bottom Set


The collection of Frugi organic clothing for kids is available online

FRUGI Organic Cotton 'Porthcurno Party' Pineapple DressFRUGI Ivory Organic Cotton 'Little Pretty Party' DressFRUGI Girls Blue & Red 2 Piece Trousers SetFRUGI Pink 'Bryher Boat' Organic Cotton Jersey Dress

The collection from this prominent designer singles out lines for boys and girls wear. No one will stay aside. Everyone will be provided with superior organic clothes. Actually, this makes us really happy – the fact that each kid can wear something really exclusive and organic and at the same time super stylish and fashionable. Now this is possible to combine these benefits altogether and create a perfect outfit for children. Browse through the whole range and find online collection which is full of surprises.