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Hey everyone on our website of designer clothing for little kids. Here we will give a clue how to elicit big grins in the most fashionable way. Intrigued? Then let’s get started.

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ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Blue Wool Baby Shawl in a Gift Box      ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Baby Girls Pink Wool Shawl in a Gift Box ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Baby Girls Silver Egg Cup, Spoon & Bib Set in a Gift Box    ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Baby Boys Silver Egg Cup, Spoon & Bib Set in a Gift Box

Tiny tots who just started to discover the world see a great deal of things around them – they get acquainted with the closest people like mother, father, grandparents and other relatives, the child learns to see all the beauty of nature and many other things. Actually, babies are very sensitive to all factors starting with weather finishing with their physical well-being. Every minute they need to feel parental care and love. All mothers know pretty well how to do that. But here we will give some tips about things we have good understanding of.

 XXI century is noted for having a huge number of technologies and other things that just simplify out life. Internet is one of them – with its help you are able to do incredible things about which people many years ago hadn’t the slightest idea. Due to the Internet you can easily browse collection of reputable designers and order things online that will distinctly save you time. One of fashionable brands which are available online is English Trousseau.

Since its foundation in 1988 this label has managed to design a wide range of dressy clothing for kids and, in addition, many essential accessories and gifts for newborn ones. Sometimes it happens so that a child won’t wear these or those clothes. But knitting him out with English Trousseau apparels you can be sure that your kid will be happy to put on adorable and charming clothing and will be really grateful to parents. It stands to reason that little tots as well as older kids love bright and playful colors which attracts their attention from the first sight. For newborns it is important to provide gears in calm and light palette of colors. This will help to set the tone of coolness and calmness. Brilliance of English Trousseau clothes is not to deny. Tiny apparels of a doll size remind perfect garments for little princesses and princes.

When you are in search of fancy clothing, do not forget about quality. This is the number 1 priority. Choosing English Trousseau you make a decision in favor of impeccable high quality materials made of 100% woven cotton, silk and linen. The creators of the brand draw their inspiration by the bygone era sticking to original traditions of production but at the same time incorporating many innovative ideas.

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ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Handmade Silver Piggy Bank in a Gift Box     ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Handmade Silver Rattle & Cotton Bag Gift Set ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Handmade Silver Train Money Box Gift Set     ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Ivory Wool Baby Shawl in a Gift Box

English Trousseau represents the collection of exquisite and exclusive baby accessories, blankets and shawls. Excellent craftsmanship assures your baby is under the fullest control of natty and subtle clothing which arouses only pleasant feelings and emotions. Much dedication is paid to all details to create an ethereal item. In fact, this classic silverware is known around the world due to completeness and perfection. These things are for mums who cherish their children and want them always be in comfort.

Discover for you and your kid pink shawl in a gift box made of 100% soft and fine knitted wool. Keeping to ancient English traditions of framed knitting techniques, the designers created a real masterpiece. This shawl does for your child while walking or resting in the bassinet.

One more kind of a fine English Trousseau production is silver cutlery and bib 4 piece set in a gift box. This set consists of a silver fork, spoon and knife with handles in the shape of teddy bear and a beige bib. Moreover, soft toweling lines the bib that can be tied around the neck and is added with satin feel ribbons. This lovely set can be a great gift for christening.

Check out other items which belong to the English Trousseau collection for babies:

  • Photo album-frame
  • Silver egg cup, spoon and bib set
  • Handmade silver rattle and cotton bag
  • Handmade silver train money box gift set
  • Handmade silver piggy bank
  • Ivory/blue wool baby shawl

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ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Photo Album-Frame In Gift Bag     ENGLISH TROUSSEAU Silver Cutlery & Bib 4 Piece Set in a Gift Box


All of it comes with awesome gift boxes. Little babies from the premature age to 2 years old will be happy to have such gentle present from the most loving people.