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When it comes to shopping, mums know best what clothes they need for their kids. First of all, they turn their attention to the fabric and quality of it, and then they turn to design of the stuff, brand and price. Sometimes this is quite difficult to find clothing which will contain all required characteristics – either good price and poor materials or too plain design and with poor quality. But, fortunately, we can offer you a unique solution – to have everything choosing only one – Dsquared2.

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DSQUARED2 Blue Distressed 'Big Dean's Brother' Jeans     DSQUARED2 Blue Distressed Denim Jacket DSQUARED2 Boys Blue 'Kenny Twist' Paint Splat Jeans     DSQUARED2 Baby Girls Distressed Denim Pinafore Dress

We already made sure that two heads are better than one. And indeed! A couple which collaborates together can evaluate the situation from different aspects and points of view and eventually create innovative items which become a revolution in the world of fashion. Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten, having common interests since their childhood, made up their mind to set up their own business which would be connected with fashion and style. Being even little boys, they were rather interested in designing clothes for their sisters. To make a long story short, two brothers were fascinated by the fashionable outfits and all modern tendencies so Dean and Dan decided to launch their own brand called Dsquared2 which appeared in 1984. Very soon after that brother became real masterminds who design perfect outfits under the label Dsquared2.

No doubt, this brand is true luxury which combines Italian delicacy with Canadian whims. Elaborating different fashion shows Dean and Dan’s clothing becomes more and more coveted. Every time making up something extravagant and extraordinary they always try to jump higher than their head and what is really exciting – they succeed.

Designing clothes for kids, brothers know much about sophisticated outfits for little ones. Each collection reveals secrets of perfect look representing clothes, accessories and shoes for fashion-conscious children. From 3 months to 16+ years old boys and girls will totally love Dsquared2 collection of kids clothing. This label oozes Italian sophistication and Canadian cool. The variety ranges from some casual items for boys to sparkling and glitzy apparels for girls.

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DSQUARED2 Boys Red, Blue, & Black Lace-Up Trainers      DSQUARED2 Boys White, Black & Yellow High-Top Trainers DSQUARED2 Red, White & Yellow Leather High-Top Trainers     DSQUARED2 Blue, Yellow & Red Suede & Leather Trainers

Check it out what kind of gears Dsquared2 designed for your kid:

  • Accessories
  • Babysuits
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Skirts
  • Swimwear
  • Tops
  • Trousers and Shorts

Each item was shown on the fashion show and was taken by storm. So beyond doubt, your kid’s mates should check that stuff out. Dsquared2 clothing for kids includes a great deal of options what to wear – for a school term, B-Day, sportwear etc. As we already mentioned, mums pay much attention to the fabric of the cloth. In this way Dsquared2 manufactures outfits made of different fabrics, such as cotton, denim, leather, silk and wool, but, nonetheless, the main criteria is a superb quality which will ensure your kid is under total protection. Qualified materials are always easy to recognize because of their structure and texture. Buying Dsquared2 clothing for kids you can be sure that all items are subject to strict control.

Girls, enjoy a huge amount of super stylish clothes from Dsquared2from blue distressed denim jacket, grey sleeveless cat print top, blue cotton tracksuit trousers, white “Kiss me” cotton jersey top to grey cat sweatshirt.

Baby girls, don’t get upset – try on distressed denim pinafore dress made of 100% soft and lightweight cotton. Such amazing design which makes an effect of washed and distressed clothes with rips and wrinkles is must have for already many seasons in a row. There are two small pockets, logo tag and a concealed zip which is on the back of the dress. This dress may be worn either separately or with a roll-neck underneath. Anyway, this is gonna look great!

Dsquared2 prepared some surprises for boys, too. Discover the opulence of various garments like –

Camouflage print swim shorts,

Blue denim shorts, yellow,

Blue and red suede & leather trainers,

High-tops and lace-up trainers,

Neon yellow “Monster” T-Shirt,

Black tuxedo babygrown, black zip-up top,

White maple leaf print sweatshirt,

Black silk tie and many other things.


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DSQUARED2 Boys Black Tuxedo Babygrow     DSQUARED2 Boys Camouflage Print Swim Shorts DSQUARED2 Boys Lightweight Camouflage Jacket     DSQUARED2 Boys White 'Tri-Colour Dog' Print T-Shirt

For example, grey or red maple leaf cotton jersey T-Shirt make great emphasis on Canadian style and symbols, making this item rather quirky and captivating. This T-Shirt with matching Dsquared2 denim jeans or shorts create a perfect outfit for cool boys.