Dondup jeans for kids

Day to day exploring new arrivals from leading designers we can be sure – this season we have things to put on – and not just ordinary stuff but upscale and impeccable designer clothing. Sticking to up-to-date tendencies we can look forward with confidence as we are provided with all necessary fashionable outfits for any occasion. Moreover, not only adults are those ones who can enjoy exclusivity and luxury by means of clothes, but kids will get advanced mini models from men and women collections. But, it doesn’t mean that childrenswear is absolutely alike and has no new elements and details, on the contrary – “advanced” stands for abundance of creative prints, new shapes and styles. And all of it is made of a superb quality and with love for little customers.

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DONDUP Black Embellished Sleeveless Dress      DONDUP Dark Denim Cropped Jeans

Dressing up your kid to school or somewhere else, where casual style is required, you will certainly need a new pair of cool jeans from someone who knows well how to create it perfectly. And this is gonna be Dondup! For almost 10 years Manuela Mariotti and Massimo Berloni – designers and creative minds of this brand – have been creating, designing, distributing goods both for men, women and children. Having gained enough experience on the fashion market, they started to set their own pace – they finally were able to meet competition among many other high-profile companies which manufacture jeans.  1999 the label was founded in Italy – the last century, actually. But, nonetheless, they always moved with the course of time creating clothing to meet needs everyone despite all temporal space. Dondup is:

  • Innovative
  • Fashionable
  • Creative
  • Exclusive
  • Irresistible

After a great deal of successful collections Dondup team made up its mind to expand the range of goods, developing now the entire outfits for each fashion forward person. Being a complete ready-to-wear line of clothing Dondup caters to all tastes. Handpicked intricate clothing is perfectly handcrafted for comfort, durability and fit. This “off-school” style of apparels is really adored by kids as a pair of really classy jeans will bring ease and full confidence that he or she looks really great.

Ranging between the ages from 4 to 14 years old stylish boys and girls have an opportunity to enjoy different styles, shapes and prints of Dondup jeans. From classic to paint-splattered and patchworked designs the variety of jeans represents huge opulence of elegant, delicate or ripped pairs.

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DONDUP Green Tartan Long Chiffon Skirt     DONDUP White Cotton & Ivory Silk 2 Piece 'Poetry' Top

In searches for appropriate jeans you diligently try to choose something fitting for the kid, taking into account shape, style and what kinds of prints they have. But the major criterion of shopping for clothes must be high quality. Your child being always on the run needs something that won’t hinder to move freely and at ease. Dondup jeans meet all the standards on the world market representing high-qualified impeccable kidswear.

As we already mentioned, Dondup expanded its assortment including:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Tops
  • Trousers
  • Shorts

Fabrics which are used for manufacturing are fine, soft and gentle against the skin so your child will not feel any discomfort.




*Silk are responsible for keeping your kids in embraces of tenderness and care. Depending on what color you like you can choose any from the Dondup palette:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Ivory
  • Red
  • White

The spring has already started which means that you still have a chance to buy exquisite apparels from Dondup at a reduced price enjoying season markdown. Girls, peer at black embellished sleeveless dress, saving 70%! It is embellished with beautiful crystals, ribbon chain and diamante. Geometric is now on trend as well as this sophisticated dress. Geometric patterns are adorned with brilliant jewels. The front layer lining is made of thick cotton twill while the reverse is made in a soft cotton jersey. Like it? Then order it online for your girl to make sure she is stylish now in a new Dondup dress.

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DONDUP White Silk Chiffon Dress      DONDUP White Sleeveless Layered Silk Top

Dark Denim cropped Dondup jeans have a so called washed out and slightly worn look which is now rather fashionable like ripped jeans. For extra stretch there was added elastane. The style of these jeans is totally modern with tapers above the ankle. For more comfort and practicality there are 5 pockets, zips and so on. Get those saving 70%!

Casual doesn’t mean just boring, casual clothing must be cool and fashionable. Dondup knows for sure how to do that.