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Personally, we love gorgeous! Do you? Then you are lucky, ‘cause we have pretty much to offer you and your family. Continuing the topic about world fashion brands and must haves already this season, we would like to point to one more special company which doesn’t drop behind. From its establishment, this brand set the pace of real competition where it managed to surpass many other opponents on the fashion market. The production of this very brand took the world of kids’ clothing by storm. Intrigued? Alright, the Canadian brand’s name is Deux par Deux. Drastically gaining experience and skills they made their mark outright not only on local scene but on the international as well. Claude Diwan who is a current chief of the company and Maurice Elmaleh – the main designer make a great duet both at work and in private life. Total mutual understanding most likely helps them to draw inspiration for new designs. So annually they create subtle collections of fashionable clothing for sweet kids.

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DEUX PAR DEUX Boys 2 Piece Cotton Denim Shorts & Green Top Set    DEUX PAR DEUX Boys 2 Piece Cotton Denim Shorts Set DEUX PAR DEUX Boys Blue T-Shirt & Shorts 2 Piece Set    DEUX PAR DEUX Boys Red Cotton Squid Print T-Shirt


Deux par Deux is noted for trend-setting exclusive things that make the whole world look forward for a new spring collection. They design funky casual clothes combining with saturated colors and stand our patterns and prints. And extremely soft knits are the most distinctive feature of the big range of clothes. Each season, no matter which one – spring, summer, fall or winter, is a huge discovery of vivid and vibrant colors, playful prints and captivating messages. Children ranging between the ages of 3 months and 14 years old have a great opportunity to enjoy the fullness of colors and oodles of funny prints on the Deux par Deux baby clothes.

Get ready for iconic and charming items for your adorable kids who want to look perfect even in a diaper. So let’s discover a myriad of stuff which is all preset in the new collection for boys and girls from Deux par Deux:

  • Accessories
  • Babysuits
  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Hair accessories
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Scarves
  • Skirts
  • Snowsuits
  • Socks
  • Suits
  • Sun protective
  • Swimwear
  • Tights
  • Tops
  • Bottom sets
  • Trousers
  • Shorts

Now you see that this brand represents everything your kid might need for any occasion. Whether it’s cold or too hot, Deux par Deux will find a suitable outfit among the big selection of goods. You beloved kid will certainly feel himself special and unique in gorgeous designer clothing.

Check out perfect collection of genuine girly items from Deux par Deux.

  • Bicycle print top and leggings 2 piece set
  • Red rose cotton jersey T-Shirt
  • Navy blue and white swimsuit
  • Red and black sun protective tankini
  • White cotton dotty and floral printed sun dress
  • Stripped top and shorts set
  • Grey and floral print shorts
  • Lime green tunic top and leggings2 piece set
  • Pink and orange cotton dress
  • Baby girls playsuit with bird print and embroidery
  • Dog print cotton sun hat
  • Blue stripped viscose dress and many others.

Among really cool stuff of clothing for girls it’s hard to choose the favorite one, ‘cause each item is remarkable and of a superb quality. Viscose dress with fruit print is made in softest and rather lightweight viscose. The Deux par Deux dress is full of surprises – blue fruit printed dress with loose fitting and comfortable fastening on the back make this adorable item a sweet dream for every girl. Romantic style and playful fruit printing will supplement the true beauty of spring or summer. Actually, even grown-up women would dream of such lovely dress.

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DEUX PAR DEUX Boys Grey Cotton Sweatshirt Shorts    DEUX PAR DEUX Boys White & Blue Check Polo Shirt DEUX PAR DEUX Boys White Cotton Jersey Toucan T-Shirt    DEUX PAR DEUX Boys Yellow T-Shirt & Denim Shorts Set


Dear boys, if you want to keep up with cool fashionistas, let’s dress up in superior Deux par Deux boys clothes.

  • Yellow T-Shirt and Denim shorts set
  • Mustard yellow Bermuda shorts
  • White and blue check polo shirt
  • 2 piece cotton Denim shorts and green top set
  • Red cotton squid print T-Shirt
  • Blue camera print cotton jersey T-Shirt
  • Black stripe sun protective suit
  • Thermal padded snow set
  • Burgundy red elastic braces
  • Green “Life is Woof” T-Shirt
  • Pale grey knitted tuxedo babygrow
  • Stripped knitted hat and scarf set and many other items which one can browse online on the website.

In fact, those pieces of clothes which left from the winter collection are on sale now. So be ready for prices reduction. Premium quality and thus – premium stuff is what your kid must be kitted out with. Be cool – put on Deux par Deux baby clothes.

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DEUX PAR DEUX DEUX PAR DEUX Boys 2 Piece Cotton Jeans Shorts Set DEUX PAR DEUX Girls Black & Red Swimsuit