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Once upon a time a couple of people who were happily married decided to create a globally reputable and recognized brand of fashionable clothes. Eventually, in 1970 Susan and David’s Graff dream came true. This is how a legendary brand David Charles was born. David’s wife Susan was a real expert in the fashion industry having gained much experience while studying fashion design. Some people even call her “a visionary” of kids’ clothing. Nowadays David Charles is considered a top brand in England – the name of it is respected around the world. David and Susan were first to translate astounding and stylish clothes for adults into irresistible and delicate designs for little children.

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DAVID CHARLES Black & White Dress with Bow     DAVID CHARLES Black & White Satin Dress with Bow DAVID CHARLES Ivory & Gold Floral Tulle & Satin Dress     DAVID CHARLES Ivory Tulle Dress with Diamanté Belt

David Charles assortment ranges from dreamy party dresses to super exquisite accessories for any occasion. Creating unbelievable and extremely beautiful designs this brand is loved equally both by parents and kids. Of course, parents who see the child in adorable attires also get excited about it. Cute and charming dresses will make each girl a queen. This leading iconic designer has been dressing the most renowned personalities, such as Princess Caroline of Monaco, for instance. Madonna’s daughter, Lil Woods, Emma Trembley and many others really do love David Charles clothing.

Stunning dresses for girls at the age from 2 to 16+ years old arouse nothing but rapture and admiration. They are represented in oodles of colors like:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Ivory
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White

A right color may emphasize all strong points in the appearance – from big eyes to a beautiful smile. David Charles dresses will do for any girl as they were designed paying attention to all details in order to create comfort and beauty. The company does care about what little fashionistas put on especially when some special even is to come.

Check out perfect David Charles accessories and hair accessories to make sure that your daughter’s outfit is totally complete. For instance, ivory freshwater pearl & gold bead bracelet will embellish the dress and set the tone of delicacy and luxury. Or if your child would rather adorn the hairstyle with some intricate accessories, then try on white diamante & beaded hairband. With the new season new arrivals have come and now they get everyone thrilled with sophistication, fantastic style and upscale materials. Freshwater pearls make each set of accessories gorgeous and exquisite.

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DAVID CHARLES Monochrome Lace & Tulle Dress    DAVID CHARLES Pale Turquoise Satin & Tulle Glitter Dress DAVID CHARLES Pink Damask & Tulle Dress    DAVID CHARLES Pink Satin & Tulle Glitter Dress


Impressive dresses from David Charles are something that cannot get out of our minds. Pink tulle dress with floral lace is made of 100% soft lace feel polyester (the bodice) and as far as the skirt concerned, it is made of soft tulle feel nylon. The satin bodice is embroidered with floral lace. The neckline ob the back is V-shaped which looks rather stylish and adorable. The skirt is made of several soft tulle layers that are very gentle against the skin. Instead of a belt, there are wonderfully entrusted pearl beads and diamante. The average age is 4 years old.

Let’s see what David Charles prepared for SALES. Don’t miss one! View what you can boy at a reduced price in the following list:

  • Black and white dress with bow
  • Red and gold spot tulle dress
  • Red lace dress with satin flower
  • Ivory tulle dress with diamante belt
  • White and pink floral satin dress

Developing skills and gaining experience, Susan and David managed to become a star duo. They draw their inspiration from fashion magazines and catwalks where other reputable designers offer their masterpieces. And, afterwards, this talented couple puts some extravagant and unusual ideas into practice by manufacturing perfect clothes for princesses. Susan and David wanted that each girl could be dressed up in a gorgeous gown and dazzle everybody performing in here luxury apparel.

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DAVID CHARLES Red & Gold Spot Tulle Dress      DAVID CHARLES Red Lace Dress with Satin Flower DAVID CHARLES White & Pink Floral Satin Dress      DAVID CHARLES White Tulle & Lace Dress with Jewels

It stands to reason that David Charles agreed to satisfy all kids’ needs offering beautiful attires at a reasonable price which is not cosmic, by the way. Of course, all renowned brands who want to keep their reputation do all their best to create something absolutely new and at the same time do not confuse customers with high prices. The first priority is material of a high quality and the priority №2 is to elicit big grins by little fashion forward girls and their parents. Make your kid smile – clothe him in a gentle dress and watch him being happy a very long time.