Cuquito baby shoes

Intriguing and sophisticated, charming and remarkable, exclusive and good-looking – here we introduce a new spring / summer 2016 collection of world top designers. Stylish clothes, shoes and accessories – everything you can find in the astounding collection. Let’s get out of the habit to put on those pieces which drop first out of the wardrobe. Having prepared all necessary outfits for any occasion you will always be on the alert. Birthday party – here you have a number of gorgeous dresses and elegant shoes, picnic – you already have stylish countrywear, about which, by the way, you know a lot according to the latest article etc. For each family member we suggest you to pick up extremely wonderful clothing and shoes which will certainly serve you more than a season.

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CUQUITO Baby Pink Leather Pre-Walker Shoes with Diamanté        CUQUITO Blue Leather Pre-Walker Shoes CUQUITO Boys Leather Pre-Walker Brogue Shoes         CUQUITO Brown Leather Bootees with Fur Trim


Spring is coming and that means it is high time we refreshed our wardrobe filling it with iconic must haves and newest trends. With the nature awakening we all start to wake up after a long cold winter slumber. Mums and their little girls provide themselves with perfect dresses and shoes for much warmer sunny days. Dads and boys, meanwhile, get excited about how they manage such a huge wardrobe and still have nothing to wear. The answer is clear – you you’ve got to try new designer clothes and shoes which are so beautiful that you will never hesitate what piece of clothes to put on.

Actually, we devoted much time discussing designer fashionable clothes, now let’s get ready for new pairs of shoes for babies who also look forward to spring. One of the most reputable companies which manufacture footwear for little ones is Cuquito. Since 1963 this Spanish company has been gaining experience of shoes designing for kids at the age from 0 to 3 years old. For more than half a century customers around the world could appreciate upscale quality of footwear and convenience of all models.

Cuquito baby shoes are not only pretty footwear for baby boys and girls, this is lifestyle. Designers of this brand craft and create new and new models and designs for little fashion forward kids. The main priorities are:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Comfort
  • Safety

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CUQUITO Ivory Leather Brogue Pre-Walker Baby Shoes      CUQUITO Navy Blue Leather Pre-Walker Baby Shoes CUQUITO Navy Blue Leather Pre-Walker Boots         CUQUITO Red American Flag Print Trainers


So according to these points the production of Cuquito is being carried out. With practicality, style and superb quality in mind, this brand cares for all babies in the world. Discover different types and shapes of shoes, such as:

  • Red American print trainers
  • Leather pre-walker brogue shoes
  • Navy blue pre-walker boots
  • Blue or ivory leather pre-walker shoes for boys.

The assortment for girls includes:

  • Brown leather bootees with fur trim
  • Navy blue pre-walker boots
  • Ivory and blue pre-walker baby

The design of Cuquito baby shoes is undoubtedly very practical and convenient which keeps kid’s foot always in a natural position. The entire range of footwear is quite loose, but, nonetheless, it does not hang on the feet. All details are carefully thought through, such as the hill which is sturdy and hard enough, but it never causes rubbing the skin. In fact, Cuquito brand prefers traditional and classic designs.

Valencia is the place where these tiny exclusive shoes are being created, where its designers make a lot of experiments with prints, patterns and shapes of baby shoes. And now we can celebrate the line of premium quality footwear for little tots.

The main goal of the Cuquito Company is to dress kids’ feet in the most comfortable shoes and to allow their feet to grow naturally. It stands to reason that children’s footwear needs proper care and it plays a key role in the growth and development of the foot. All Cuquito baby shoes are adapted for satisfying child’s needs as they are flexible, elasticated and breathable. The material is natural and organic which adds a point to the benefits of such footwear.

Adorable pre-walker unisex Cuquito baby shoes are made in soft and supple ivory leather. A lace fastening is added for extra comfort and for simple pulling off. Seamless cotton lining is pretty nice and rather comfortable. Intrigued? So you have a special opportunity to find this item on sale at a reduced price.

Anyway, let’s make tots’ first steps even more pleasant and exciting in a new pair of Cuquito baby shoes.