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Welcome back on our super cool website where we share current stylish trends with our fashion forward readers. Here we consider only reliable and recognized brands, which reputation has been gained and proved over the years. Beautiful and luxurious pieces of clothes and gentle accessories make each collection attractive. Famous designers all over the world are always busy tirelessly creating new items which are going to be a furor and sensation on the fashion market. Tough competition of leading brands leaves behind those ones who failed to make something innovative and extravagant. Anyway, let’s see what extraordinary and at the same time irresistible a new spring collection of kids clothes 2016 prepared for us.

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COUNTRY KIDS Baby Girls Pink Microfiber Tights with Ruffles       COUNTRY KIDS Baby Girls White Microfiber Tights with Ruffles COUNTRY KIDS Black Lace Footless Tights       COUNTRY KIDS Black Opaque Cotton Animal Print Tights


Meanwhile, some of us are on vacations in the country – breathing fresh air, enjoying multicolored nature landscapes full of saturated colors and long-awaited solitude with themselves and nature. Actually, there was always a big deal what to wear starting on a trip to the country. Fortunately or not, but high heels and gorgeous dresses with elegant accessories won’t do there. This is the place where you can put on something loose and baggy to feel ease and relaxation. But caring mums should also think of child’s clothing, ‘cause they will not just calmly seat on the porch observing the day passing by – they will play, jump, run and have much of fun. That is why we decided to share a secret which is hiding behind the brand Country Kids.

Versatile and handpicked range of Kids Country clothes is rather impressive. You can find everything that can be needed while in the country. From socks and tights to dresses, jackets and coats, knitwear, jeans, leggings, pants, shirts, shorts, skirts, sweats, sleepwear, swimwear, T-Shirts, shoes and accessories as little girls concerned.

Fashion-conscious boys will be glad as the assortment of Country clothes includes jackets and coats, jeans, knitwear, pants, shirts, shorts, sweats, sleepwear, T-Shirts, shoes and accessories. Basically, the options do not differ much, but quirky and playful prints and the color scheme is absolutely different for boys and girls. Nonetheless, all items are emblazoned with pretty cool details and, of course, are made with love and care for kids. The softest materials for optimum comfort serve as a proof. Precious fabrics and impeccable quality is the philosophy of this brand. The designers are sure that no one has right to save on little children. Each cloth must be designed in accordance with the highest worldwide standards and only after that these clothes and accessories may reach the shelves of the stores.

Outdoor or countrywear is a smart investment whether your child is a sports enthusiast or just likes to hang out a long while outdoors. New spring practical collection of Country Kids Clothes is notable for the exceptional quality, cozy and natty style.

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COUNTRY KIDS Black Sheer Tights with Diamanté Gems       COUNTRY KIDS Girls Grey Cotton Spotted Tights COUNTRY KIDS Girls Pink Cotton Spotted Tights       COUNTRY KIDS Navy Blue Pima Cotton Footless Tights


If a little hunter is growing up in your family, then you are fantastically lucky, as the collection of countrywear has got some options for hunting fans. Children shooting clothes have much to offer:


The clothes are made of herringbone sturdy fabric which, besides, is rather breathable, waterproof and windproof. Find matching trousers and shoes and your outfit is ready to conquer the whole countryside.

         All mum can now breathe freely – your kids get cool tights and socks for added warmth and comfort while being long time outdoors. Baby girls of 12-24 months will be dressed in perfect white microfiber tights with ruffles. This delicate detail will add some elegance for little princesses even in the country. They are made of 90% microfiber nylon and 10% elastane. These tights will match short dresses and skirts so these cute ruffles can be seen. Country Kids pin knitted footless tights can perfect match all kinds of dresses with or without socks. Made of superb and upscale cotton these tights are super soft against the skin. Moreover, they are opaque and cannot be seen through which is also very important.

         It comes as no surprise that Country Kids clothing is popular among kids who are being dressed in style. So put on tights and let’s go in the country!

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COUNTRY KIDS Pink Microfiber Opaque Tights with Swarovski Crystals       COUNTRY KIDS Pink Pima Cotton Footless Tights COUNTRY KIDS Red Opaque Cotton Tights     COUNTRY KIDS White Opaque Cotton Animal Print Tights