Carlomango children’s socks and tights

If you look out for stylish and fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories, then we will share with you some secrets how to dress up according to the current trends. Carlomango children’s socks are our target today. We are gonna tell you why this company has so many admirers all over the world.

Carlomango children’s socks are the best in the world

CARLOMAGNO Girls Dark Green Knee Socks with Side BowCARLOMAGNO Girls Dark Red Knee High Socks with LaceCARLOMAGNO Girls Dark Green Knee Socks with Back BowCARLOMAGNO Girls Grey Cotton Tights with Bows

Carlomango was launched in 1950 as a family-run business. With Pedro Pujol at the helm the company produced socks and tights for little kids. Each day was devoted to development and improvements of the quality, range of goods, selection of materials. Day after day this brand proved its being a competitive and flourish trademark which designs stylish essentials for children.

The company sticks to the latest technologies and is filled to the brims with extremely creative and interesting ideas. Actually, the newest spring / summer collection of 2016 covers all range of ages which means newborns, toddlers, babies, kids as well as men and women can be provided with exclusive things from Carlomango.

Here you will get the fullest hosiery collection which includes a great many useful things for your child. Our aim is to make all kids be on trend wearing exquisite clothes, shoes and accessories. Even when it comes to tights and socks this is not least important to provide high quality pieces for a baby.

Located in Spain this benchmark is considered today one of the most unique and special on the fashion market. Current global market requires only the best which makes the level of competition very high. Nonetheless, Carlomango does its best to suit all kids’ needs.

You cannot imagine a better pair of Carlomango children’s socks for your baby

CARLOMAGNO Girls Navy Blue Knee High Socks with LaceCARLOMAGNO Girls Navy Blue Cotton Tights with BowsCARLOMAGNO Girls Navy Blue Knee Socks with Side BowCARLOMAGNO Girls Navy Blue Cotton Pom-Pom Socks

Luxurious kids socks are made of the finest materials such as cotton, embellished with sleek bows and elegant satin pom-poms. In the current spring collection from this leading designer you are able to find:

  • Socks
  • Tights
  • Shoes

The company does not produce a wide range of designer clothes, but nevertheless they pay much attention and dedication to their variety of goods making it perfect for kids. To the each tiny detail was paid much attention. And now the whole collection is versatile and coveted.

In the collection which is available online you will delve into a rich color palette and exclusive details which will definitely make your special kid stand against the crowd. Enjoy saturated and funky shades from Carlomango:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Ivory
  • Grey

This is quite impressive, isn’t it? An amazing range of goods made in Barcelona impress with its superb quality and classy designs which combine both delicacy and playful motifs. Extremely soft and gentle tights and socks go in many fashionable colors which make them very catchy. You can buy a separated pair of socks or provide your kid a set of beautiful socks and tights.

These tiny essentials are useful when your child likes ballet. Or maybe you need exclusive details to create a dressy party outfit. Anyway, Carlomango children’s socks and tights already wait for their little fashion forward customer.

Dynamic cuts and comfortable lines are what Carlomango children’s socks are so loved by kids. They are an exciting and super fashionable addition to each outfit. You can match them with denim jeans, a cute dress, as a part of a babygrown etc.

Dreams come true with Carlomango children’s socks

CARLOMAGNO Girls Pink Knee Socks with Back BowCARLOMAGNO Girls Pink Knee High Socks with Lace & BowsCARLOMAGNO Girls Red Cotton Tights with BowsCARLOMAGNO Girls Pink Cotton Tights with Bows

Explore cute and sophisticated items from this renowned designer and make your kids’ dreams come true:

  • Pink cotton long socks with side bow (available with back bow)
  • Navy blue pom-pom socks made of cotton
  • Ivory tights with side bow
  • Red cotton tights with bows
  • Pale pink knee high socks with lace & bows
  • Dark red knee high socks with delicate white lace
  • Ivory crocheted pre-walker shoes
  • Navy blue cotton lace tights
  • Beige knee with back bow
  • White cotton socks with lace frill
  • Beige ankle socks with bow

This fabulous range of items with pretty embellishments will make your kid really happy!