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CANADA GOOSE Blue Down Padded 'Lynx Parka' Jacket             CANADA GOOSE Black Down Padded 'Oliver Jacket' CANADA GOOSE Black Down Padded 'Lynx Parka' Jacket             CANADA GOOSE Black Down Padded 'Logan Parka' Jacket


Have you ever heard about the Canada Goose? You think this is a widespread black headed bird with white chinstrap and brown back living in suburban and urban areas? Well, close enough, but still…All right then, we will tell you all about this fascinating Canadian brand. Canada Goose was established in 1957 by Sam Tick in Toronto. Due to unfavorable and harsh climate the company decided to design cold weather outerwear. Especially since the demand is extremely high in that area.

While bad weather – rain, strong wind, snow, hail or even hurricane – little children are most than other endangered as their health may prove to be not stable and sensitive to outer influences and irritants. Which is why Canada Goose clothes for kids is renowned for its cold resistant, stunning, fashionable and high quality outerwear which is really necessary to be kept in warmth all the time.

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CANADA GOOSE Blue 'Lamb' Down Padded Baby Snowsuit          CANADA GOOSE Green 'Lamb' Down Padded Baby Snowsuit


CANADA GOOSE Green 'Grizzly Bomber' Down Padded Jacket   CANADA GOOSE Green Down Padded 'Logan Parka' Jacket


 Kids Canada Goose new collection represents a good deal of various clothes, such as vests, jackets, coats, parkas, hats, gloves and other kinds of outerwear for extremely cold weather. While producing fabulous clothing the company also manages being involved in a few environmental projects. Recently, they have created the whole line of PBI products and donated all funds to the organization for preserving the environment.

Canada Goose outerwear for children is must have in each wardrobe. To prevent your child from extreme coldness and shivering in winter discover some of the designer fashionable coats, jackets, gloves and mitts, scarves, hoodies, pants, one-piece suits, footwear, baselayers, underwear, sweatshirts and snowsuits for your little tot. Canada Goose designers really care of your child do not get cold. Children like running all around, playing snowballs, making a snow man etc. And it is of great importance to avoid freezing.

Outstandingly crafted Canada Goose jackets are very popular among both adult and little kids. And that is quite clear, because this kind of outer winter clothing is warm, fabulous and insanely fashionable. For instance, Canada Goose kids red bomber padded jacket is a special and unique solution as it comes both for girls and boys. In case of increased moisture designers used water resistant nylon with a soft puffer lining. The hood of the jacket is padded and is adorned with a fur trim that can be easily removed. It also has inner arm lengthening system, fastening on the front side and, furthermore, it is designed to dry in any weather conditions and even snowstorms. Now you see that jackets have many undeniable benefits. Colors may vary from black, green, blue, grey to red.  The palate of shades you can browse on the website where you can also follow Canada Goose jacket sale in order not to miss the opportunity to buy this garment for a lesser price.

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CANADA GOOSE Girls Coral Pink Down Padded 'Baby Co-Pilot' Hat          CANADA GOOSE Purple Wool Knitted 'Boreal' Beanie Hat CANADA GOOSE Red Down Padded 'Fundy Mitts' Baby Mittens              CANADA GOOSE Red Down Padded 'Youth' Gloves


Designing clothing for kids Canada Goose resorted to various tricks – they created many technologies and innovations in clothes for extreme weather conditions. One of the main discovers is called “Gosling Graduate System” which allows sleeves and pants lengthen. This invention makes your purchase incredibly favorable. This is quite well-known fact that kids grow up very fast and it takes much efforts to refresh the wardrobe of your beloved baby almost each month. Canada Goose snowsuits with such function will serve your child many winters.

The brand Canada Goose worked out their own temperature index which ensures clothing meeting all your needs. Outerwear can be divided in lightweight clothes (5°/-5°), versatile clothes (0°/-15°), fundamental (-10°/-20°), enduring (-15°/-25°) and extreme (-30° +) which suit for the harshest places in the world. Each one has own sensibility to temperature so it is important to choose the right one.

Canada Goose jackets have been worn by many actors and actresses both in movies and in the real life, such as Nicolas Cage, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff as well as researches who work in cold-weather areas.

Prepare yourself for outdoor performance! Don’t waste your time – put on Canada Goose jacket and vanquish weather disadvantages.