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Are you ready for the forthcoming spring which prepared a good deal of fantastically fashionable clothes from world famous designers? If not, then here we are to offer you fabulous range of perfect clothing. For lovely women, solid men as well as for cute little tots the latest collections are full of new models and unexpected designs, bold patterns and prints etc.

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BORSALINO Blue Felted Merino Wool Fedora Hat & Box            BORSALINO Girls Blue Felted Merino Wool Hat & Box BORSALINO Mustard Yellow Wool Knitted Beanie Hat             BORSALINO Navy Blue Wool Knitted Beanie Hat

Accessories as well as clothes play an important part in the whole look. Bags, clutches, purses, earrings, necklaces, armbands, scarves and so on must certainly match your outfit. Nowadays we are glad to see that fashion industry always move on and never focus on already known details and styles. New tendencies and new must have are thrilling us each season. Designers all over the world attempt to create something incredibly extraordinary or they tend to bring into fashion long ago forgotten things. Which is why people always say that fashion comes back. Today we would like to devote this article to a well-known and not less respected and loved company which is notable for its fedoras. Launched in 1857, a legendary Italian brand Borsalino immediately gained worldwide popularity. Giuseppe Borsalino is the founder of the company who visited a couple of countries in order to learn the hat trade and to establish the first artisan workshop where he could design felt hats.

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BORSALINO Girls Pink Cotton Knitted Baby Hat with Fur Pom-Pom        BORSALINO Grey Wool Knitted Ear Flap Hat with Pom-Pom BORSALINO Ivory Wool Knitted Ear Flap Hat with Pom-Pom                BORSALINO Red Knitted Wool Hat with Fur Pom-Pom

In fact, Borsalino currently creates wide spectrum of goods, such as hats, clothes, watches, ties, perfumes, old fashioned bicycles, helmets and motorbikes. Sticking to retro and vintage the company tries to keep the spirit of last century’s fashion. Being imbued with elegance and timeless, Borsalino offers to make a special look complemented by up-to-date sleek accessories which are the ideal piece to make an outfit around. No wonder that famous celebrities appearing in Borsalino draw really much attention. Wearing luxurious fedoras designed with top-qualified craftsmanship you will condemn yourself to success.

         Borsalino fedoras are being produced both for kids and adults. As for children, let’s consider bright blue fedora wool hat by Borsalino made in Italy. Classic design and sophisticated elegance will suit ant little fashion-conscious girl. The hat is made in pure felted Merino wool, an exquisite ribbon around the brim and logo branding on it. Borsalino fedora comes in branded box for safekeeping. This is an insanely trendy hat which will add a zest in any look. Particularly when you and your family set off for a trip, this garment is quite necessary.

         Whether you prefer more casual style then Borsalino girls pale pink hat with pom-poms handcrafted in Italy is what you need. It is made in soft mid-weight wool and has textured knitted patterns all over. Apart from this, the Borsalino hat has ear flaps which fasten under the chin to ensure keeping it securely on the hat. For boys the collection offers navy blue beanie stretchy hat, knitted in wool. It has a chunky ribbed pattern and a turn with logo tag and fur pom-poms. For active boys who like motion and ease this is quite an option.

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BORSALINO Navy Blue Knitted Wool Hat with Fur Pom-Pom              BORSALINO Navy Blue Wool Knitted Ear Flap Hat with Pom-Pom BORSALINO Red Wool Knitted Beanie Hat              BORSALINO White Cotton Knitted Baby Hat with Fur Pom-Pom

Hard hats include bowlers, top hats, riding headwear and cokes. If you are not aware of how to calculate the size, do not disappoint. Use a soft tape measure, place it around the mid forehead and above ears, and then find you size on the chart available on the Internet or on the Borsalino website.

         Real hatters may enjoy straw hats, waterproof caps and hats, beanie, fur hats, fabric hats and caps, felt hats, occasion hats and many other headwears. Borsalino collections also include Borsalino casual crusher, Borsalino Ernsesto Beaver hat, Borsalino Verdi, Borsalino Como and Borsalino Classic Fedora. This is a genuine paradise for hat lovers. This is not just elegant and comfortable, this is superstylish and up to modern fashion tendencies. The world famous Italian designer of hat still keeps underlying style and perfect craftsmanship. Their philosophy consists in meeting all hatters’ needs. If you haven’t chosen your favorite one hen browse on the website and pick up this season’s must have for the whole family. And. Of course, be always aware of discounts and sales which will help you to save your budget. Stay with Borsalino – put on a hat.