Bloch kids shoes

Have you ever heard the expression: “Fashion is my profession?” Most likely. There is a great deal of photos in the Internet where people look quite unattractive by failing to combine clothes correctly or putting on really not suitable pieces of clothes which will not hide some imperfections but on the contrary – show them all. But here we are to offer you good and high-quality production that should certainly impress all people around.

Bloch shoes for kids

BLOCH Girls Black 'Vittoria' Suede Shoes        BLOCH Girls Blue Patent Leather 'Scallop' Ballerina Shoes


BLOCH Girls Black Patent Leather 'Etoile' Star Pumps        BLOCH Girls Black Leather 'Couronne' First Walker Pumps

         Of course, there many different occasions we must be prepared for: birthday parties, wedding, walking tours, school, college, prom, dance classes etc. And every time we are really confused what clothes to put on to look perfect today? Basically, this is not that hard to find good clothes for a new term or clothes just to hang around with friends. Many active children today love to be engaged in different activities, such as football, swimming or dancing. This is far more difficult to find appropriate qualitative and comfortable clothes for professional activities.

Best Bloch shoes for kids

BLOCH Girls Grey Leather 'Raton' Shoes       BLOCH Girls Pale Pink Leather 'Arabella' Ballerina Pumps


BLOCH Girls Gold 'Vittoria' Ballerina Shoes      BLOCH Girls Glitter 'Bijou' Ballerina Pumps

Almost each girl has passion – dancing. This kind of hobby helps to feel more at ease, to feel independent and incredibly beautiful while dancing. Flying like a butterfly, they flatter through the dancing floor and enjoy each moment during performances. And it is self-evident fact that professional activity requires professional equipment and clothes. Even little dancers work hard to achieve success, they do their best to impress everyone on performances. After exhausting trainings their legs and feet are aching so much and to lessen their fatigue there were developed special equipped shoes and clothes.

         Bloch considers being major producer of dance costumes, dance accessories and footwear. The brand was launched by Jacob Bloch in 1931 after his migration to Australia. He started on designing pointe shoes in workshops in order to create perfect professional shoe for little, especially ballet, dancer. Jacob Bloch’s manufacturing aroused rapture and admiration. Since then he expanded spectrum of goods, where shoes are not the limit now.

         Jacob Bloch offers wide range of professional dance clothes and footwear. For women it includes pointe shoes, ballet, jazz, contemporary, taps, ballroom and Latin, dance sneakers, character, teaching and accessories. Bloch character shoes are able to reduce fatigue as they have cushioned insoles. Shapes, color and heel height may vary. There are plenty of accessories like heels and toe taps, toe pads, spacers, silicon gel pads which also do for children to protect feet while dancing.

New collection of Bloch shoes for kids

BLOCH Girls White Patent Leather 'Scallop' Ballerina Shoes           BLOCH Girls Silver Sparkle Shoes Ballerina Pumps BLOCH Girls Red Patent Glitter 'Beatrix' Shoes           Bloch Girls Pink 'Lapin' Leather Ballerina Pumps

As for shoes for children there is also a big variety, such as ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary footwear. Unbeatable quality of shoes will relieve tension and fatigue during the dance routine. If your daughter is fond of jazz she will totally need perfect Bloch jazz shoes made to create confidence, pure lines, and exquisite movements. These shoes come rather in 100% leather and in different colors – white, black, pink and tan.

         Hand made satin, canvas or leather ballet shoes will meet the highest requirements of ballet activity. They come either in full or in split sole and fabulous pleating across the ballet shoes is responsible for the maximum feedback from the stage. Soft ballet shoes from Jacob Bloch come in white, pink, flesh and black colors and shades. The benefit is that this satin can be dyed to match each dress or costume. These shoes embody epitome of elegance and refinement.

         Jacob’s comprehensive collection offers the Bloch girl’s taps as well. Tap shoes will certainly help each beginner to become a real professional dancer. Big range of colors and styles like Janes, Merry and Oxford will help to choose the favorite one.

         However, if you are looking for the finest and the best dancewear for kids, turn to Bloch. This brand develops clothes that ensure comfort through rehearsals, performances or just classes. Leotards, uniforms, underwear, tights, warm ups, skirts and tutus, tops, shorts, pants – from dynamic to pastel colors – will serve as a sophisticated professional look. This whole selection is ideal for girls of any age.

         Being engaged in hip-hop, funk as well as fitness or any other activity – you are welcome to try on exquisite and fashionable clothes and shoes from Bloch. Discover a sophisticated range by Bloch and go back to dance!