Blade & Rose baby clothing

View Blade & Rose baby clothing to enjoy the fullness of adorable designs and gentle accessories for your little one. We promise this is gonna be an unforgettable trip through the world of fashion.

How did Blade & Rose baby clothing appear?

BLADE & ROSE Blue & Green Reversible Bandana Bib with SpotsBLADE & ROSE Blue Cotton Grip Tights with StarsBLADE & ROSE Blue Reversible Bandana Bib with StarsBLADE & ROSE Black Cotton Leggings with Stars & Rocket

The story of this traditional English brand is quite simple. A mum of two kids never found something really unique and fun and at the same time high quality and durable for her tots which is why she made up her mind to start her own business to provide her children really great clothes.

Amanda being the founder of this brand knew exactly what kids would need to feel comfortable, cozy and fashionable. She drew inspiration and a great many bold ideas from her kids who were a constant source for her unimaginative concepts of designing pretty cool and dressy Blade & Rose baby clothing.

These clothes are made of durable materials and fabrics of top quality which makes it possible to pass this entire stylish heritage to another generation. Amanda specialized in creating adorable and playful leggings and accessories for little ones. Being on maternity leave this prospective designer had a huge list of interesting ideas which she soon implemented in fine clothing for kids.

Her company was named after the middle names of her children. This is how Blade & Rose was born. Her collection is filled to the brims with exclusive items which suit each fashion forward girl and boy.

Why would the collection of Blade & Rose baby clothing fly off the shelves so fast?

BLADE & ROSE Denim Blue Cotton Grip Jeans Style TightsBLADE & ROSE Green & Pink Cotton Grip Tights with StarsBLADE & ROSE Grey Cotton Grip Jeans Style TightsBLADE & ROSE Brown & Blue Stripe Cotton Leggings with Reindeer

Apart from intricate designs, cute patterns and saturated color palette, Blade & Rose baby clothing is made of durable and functional fabrics which are delicate to the skin. We find it rather important, do you? The initial range has a great number of nice clothing and accessories which are sold out immediately all over the world – from France to the USA, from Belgium to Dubai etc. Now they are expanding the production in a bid to create as many as possible fashionable things for little chics.

Let’s see what is available online from their versatile collection:

  • Tights
  • Leggings
  • Baby accessories

These items create contemporary wardrobe essentials for each baby. Boys and girls will be happy to have such fun and playful designs on. Upscale pieces of clothes together with quirky prints are such a matching pair. Many parents throughout the world look forward to new collection to indulge kids with the loveliest designs and prints.

Celebrate colorful and bright life with saturated color palette which includes:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Brown

Playful and just wonderful items are to be seen in the newest spring / summer 2016 collection. Blade & Rose baby clothing passed all tests, washing well and besides it remains gentle to the touch after many washes. This brand is like a wonder which is selling worldwide. So don’t miss the chance and browse the whole collection in order to find the greatest items for your baby boy or girl.

Explore a fabulous range of Blade & Rose baby clothing

BLADE & ROSE Pink & Black Stripe Cotton Leggings with Angel WingsBLADE & ROSE Red Stripe Cotton Leggings with Christmas PuddingBLADE & ROSE Pink & Grey Stripe Cotton Leggings with ElephantBLADE & ROSE Orange Stripe Cotton Leggings with Pumpkin

Boys can find here:

  • Yellow & black reversible bandana bib with stars all over (colors can vary)
  • Blue cotton tights with stars
  • Green & pink cotton grip tights with stars
  • Black cotton leggings with rocket print
  • Orange stripe cotton leggings with pumpkin right in the middle (there are different prints: reindeer, soldier, fire engine, cute monster, pirate etc.)

This diverse collection full of funny details will make your baby boy smile.

Girls will be pleased with:

  • Grey & pink stripe cotton leggings with elephant print
  • Pink & grey reversible bandana bib with stars
  • Grey cotton grip jeans style tights
  • Pink & black stripe cotton leggings with angel wings
  • Blue stripe cotton leggings with Union Jack
  • Teal blue leggings with daisies
  • Pink stripe cotton leggings with cupcake ( there are mouse, whale, strawberries prints)

Don’t you find this amazing variety perfect for your child? This prosperous label won’t leave you and your child indifferent anyway. Just bring more color in your kid’s look. Don’t go out of style with Blade &Rose baby clothing.