Archimede swimwear is a perfect match for little ones

Today it is quite necessary to provide children high quality childrenswear that will be as superb as fashionable. Archimede swimwear is exactly what your tot will need in the summer. It is not just made of the best materials; it has all advantages of summer clothes. You have probably heard about a great many fashion companies which produce outstanding clothing. Since old times people were interested in wearing beautiful apparel. Queens and kings would put on gorgeous attires and this was a sign of welfare and wealth. Today clothes didn’t lose their importance. Especially on hot days in the summer kids need to be protected!

Lucky kids wear Archimede swimwear

ARCHIMEDE Blue & Red Striped Float SuitARCHIMEDE Blue & Red Shark Print Aqua ShoesARCHIMEDE Boys Red Sun Protective Swim TopARCHIMEDE Blue & Orange Sea Shells Float Suit

When spending much time in the sun little children should be all protected! Kids love sun and they always look forward to this perfect season! Kids can swim, run, lie in the sun and enjoy warm days. Nevertheless, summer can also bring some undesirable consequences – sun stroke is inevitable when you child wears inappropriate kidswear.

We are lucky to inform that among a myriad of brands we still have one which cares of kids’ protection. Archimede is the company which is widely known across the world. Why? Because they are real experts in fine clothes for little ones. Since 1989 this company has created a lot of innovative things for kids. This fashion company is truly loved and appreciated by both parents and children. Parents can now relieve as they can find their kids safe and comfortable.


A new line of designer Archimede swimwear is a total breakthrough

ARCHIMEDE Girls Coral Pink Floral Swimsuit with NappyARCHIMEDE Girls Blue & Red Striped Float SuitARCHIMEDE Girls Pink & Blue Floral Float SuitARCHIMEDE Girls Cherry Print Sun Protective Top

Well, as we already mentioned, this fashion house was launched to serve children’s needs. Kids of different age groups are happy and fashionable when wearing amazing designer items. The tiniest ones at the age of 3 months enjoy the variety of float suits and other types of clothes which are irreplaceable in the summer. Besides, this company offers special swimsuits which help kids learn to swim. We think this is a real invention which can easily teach a little one how to swim.

Girls and boys can shop for a sophisticated collection from this prominent fashion expert. Now it is time we provided you the full assortment of goods for little fashionmongers. The collection consists of different product types. But there is one thing which unites the entire collection – it is attractive and innovative. We’d like to show you the range:

  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Sun Protective
  • Swimwear

It is pretty classy to have at least one piece from this recognized designer. Each item lets your kid be free and stylish! Reliable protection is what the company based on. Of course, kids like the sea. They spend time pretty cool swimming in the water and building sand castles. But it is much better to have high quality swimsuits than to own an ordinary one. Each model from this designer is known for anti-leakage factor and has a high level of protection. Besides, each piece of clothes has other pros.

  1. Floral sun hats are perfect for spending time on the beach. They keep your child protected.
  2. Slip-on beach shoes are created for the babies who love to run across the swimming pool. Carefully thought through rubber soles also protect from injuries. Besides, they have extremely cool design.
  3. Sun Protective tops are made of smooth and very pleasant fabric which is responsible for ultraviolet protection. Such tops by Archimede come with handy bags.

Swimwear is the most important gadget in the summer. Each swimsuit is a mix of attractive design and the highest protection. Sensitive and stretchy Archimede swimwear has wonderful floral accents for girls. They are decorated with stunning ruffles and multicolored flowers. It is perfect for ladies!


Get even more stylish things – choose Archimede swimwear

ARCHIMEDE Girls Pink & White Check Float SuitARCHIMEDE Girls Pink & White Floral Float SuitARCHIMEDE Girls Pink Spotty & Floral SwimsuitARCHIMEDE Girls Pink Floral Aqua Shoes

Little boys are also lucky as the company offers many beach sets which help little gentlemen feel comfortable and stylish at once. Your kid will never feel discomfort when choosing this label. This respected brand has many retro and vintage details. At the same time each piece of clothes has interesting up-to-date prints.