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Little boys and girls always need much attention from their family. Loving parents surround them with care and embrace with love and tenderness. In fact, children at early age require much more time and efforts than ever. They are too sensitive to external irritants and thus they must be protected. The point is that little kids’ skin is very soft and tender which enables appearance of allergic rash or some irritation. It stands to reason that caring parents try to choose as safe as possible clothes and accessories from reliable and respected designers or companies. Nowadays there are quite a lot of fashion houses which advertise clothes for babies.

         One of such trusted brands is a Dutch label Bam Bam. It exists for a long period of time and namely – for over 20 years and succeeded in gaining big popularity among parents worldwide. It offers great range of different clothing for babies, such as bathrobes, hats, pre-walkers and baby socks, toys, baby blankets, beanies, bibs, hoodies, bodysuits, burp clothes, dummies, T-Shirts as well as great deal of baby accessories. All Bam Bam clothes were designed to create perfect clothing for little babies, so they can enjoy comfort and ease. Bam Bam goods are very valuable on the world fashion marker as they are notable for good price, top quality, trendy design and a real comfort for your precious kid. Be sure – this apparel will serve you long time.

BAM BAM Soft Toy Mini Football         BAM BAM White Cotton Jersey 'Dinner Party' Bib

BAM BAM Pale Blue 2 Piece Crown Dou Dou Set               BAM BAM Ivory Crown Comforter

Bam Bam kids toys

Let’s consider some of the most useful and irreplaceable things for a baby. Bam Bam organic babysuit made of the finest organic rib 100% cotton fits all buys and girls. You are welcome to choose any design like print and color from the marketplace or even create it yourself. They all have flatlock seams and are available in 6/12/18/24M – for more details see size chart. If you want to look exactly like your child you can design a T-Shirt for you with the same prints and color. Your kid will be surely happy to be like you.

         All Bam Bam goods are made of only organic materials – 100% cotton or mega soft velour which provide comfort and true warmth for your little baby. Besides, this organic material is very breathable and will less likely cause allergies as rash or eczema, because it does not contain harmful substances and thus does not damage you kid’s skin. Collections are designed in soft pastel shades that are responsible for keeping calmness and appeasement. Plain colors instead of too bright were represented in all clothing on purpose in order not to excite a child too much. Soft pink or blue, beige, ivory or light violet will suit any child.

BAM BAM Ivory & Grey Duck Rattle             BAM BAM Blue Rubber Duck Bath Toy

BAM BAM Before You Ask, I'm A Girl' White Baby Hat            BAM BAM Baby's First Tooth Keepsake Box

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Bathing is an inevitable part of babies’ life. Preparing your little son or daughter for it, make sure you have all necessary equipment. For instance, white baby bathrobe and slippers Bam Bam set is totally useful after bath. Made of 100% super soft cotton toweling bathrobe and open-toe slippers are suitable also for all children from 0 to 3 months. From the left side it has “Bam Bam Babies” and crown embroidery. It means that every tiny detail was duly considered to ensure everyone that Bam Bam clothes fit brilliantly. A tie belt around the waist and a cute hood adorn this bathrobe. If you want to please your child with a warm and soft bathrobe, do not hesitate and grab a bargain on the website which quality is tested and guaranteed.

Whether you seek for something special nothing but Dutch brand Bam Bam will make a good impression. Really awesome and charming accessories, such as ducks & socks, special keepsakes, pacifiers and many other things are ready to come into your baby’s life. Cute rubber ducks which made a squeaky sound are here to bring fun while bathing. They are available in many colors.

BAM BAM Babys Hat, Comb & Brush Gift Set                BAM BAM Baby's First Hairlock Silver Plated Box

BAM BAM Baby Girls Pink Duck 4 Piece Gift Set             BAM BAM Baby Girls Pink 'Dancing Feet' Socks

If you were suddenly invited for a masquerade and you have no idea what to put on – you are lucky as we have a solution for ya. Bam Bam kids costumes inspire and adore little kids who are not gonna stay in an inconspicuous place during the party. Due to fascinating clothes you kid will make a brilliant display of his apparel.

         Just a few clicks will help to make you kid’s dream come true by choosing goods for any taste. Quickest delivery and nice customer service will contribute their mite in your shopping experience.