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Exclusivity and style is our middle name. Each day we discover a great number of contemporary trends and iconic must haves from leading designers who never get tired to create more and more intricate details and extraordinary designs. And sometimes people wonder how they manage to have perpetual arsenal of creative ideas, making up really unique clothes, accessories and shoes for people who are fond of fashion world.

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DIOR Boys Blue Leather Pre-Walker Trainers      DIOR Pink Silk Chiffon Dress

You must have seen a commercial where an extremely beautiful woman in a gorgeous glossy gown is walking down the catwalk, advertising Dior perfumes. Which is why we assume this brand is globally well-known. Founded in 1946 Dior set the tone of elegance, grace and exquisite style. The brand was gradually becoming synonymous with absolute fashion – from spectacular clothing to lightweight super pretty shoes equally both for adults and kids. Christian Dior is considered a grandfather of Baby Dior.

Baby Dior clothes is certainly one of the best known lines of designer subtle wear for little children. Under the patronage of recognized designers, each collection of kidswear becomes more and more attractive. Working out models for adults the Dior team pays much attention to children clothing as well, embellishing it with playful details and sophisticated prints. Your kid is gonna be happy to stand against the crows wearing exclusive attires from world best label Dior.

Dior kids clothes reflect the whole philosophy of the brand revealing the secret how to remain stylish day and night. Childrenswear pieces are impregnated with brilliant patterns and prints which are very catchy and intriguing. So this is precisely what kids like, isn’t it?

 As a matter of fact, the name of this brand is so respected that other leading designers draw inspiration exactly from Dior fashion shows. The new spring collection of 2016 is rather impressive. A huge opulence of different clothing for kids is made in an impeccable quality which ensures that your beloved child is under protection of Dior any time. On cold or hot days Dior apparels and shoes will provide the best comfort and ease. Over the years bringing all experience and skills together the team of professionals develops a new revolution which one can observe while delving into the new collection.

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DIOR Baby Girls Green Cotton Hat      DIOR Girls Coral-Red Salopettes


Boys and girls who like being fashionable wearing the coolest details and accessories look forward for Dior collection refreshment. Speaking of newest up-to-date must haves we would like to point you to those items which certainly must be in the wardrobe of any kid. Little girls ranging between 12 month and 14 years may enjoy the fullness of colors and variety of shades in the combination with high quality and reasonable prices. Dior girl collection represents apparels for some special occasions knitting them out with elegant dresses and gentle accessories.

Discover dresses, hats, tights, trousers and shorts for baby and not baby girls. Moreover, for today you can enjoy SALES which are being arranged at the end of the season. Like pink silk chiffon dress you can buy saving 60%. Hurry up, ‘cause only one item is left. This dress suits for extremely special events like homecoming, B-Day, romantic dinner etc. It is pleated with flare at the hem and the softest double frill at the neck. Silk and soft lining and closes with loops and buttons underarm and at the back make this dress really irresistible. Frankly to speak, Dior dresses are noted for terrific design and gorgeous style. So your baby girl will produce an impression of an ethereal princess who just came down to earth. This dress is something that every girl would dream of.

Other items which are ON SALE now include:

  • Baby girls green cotton hat
  • Girls coral-red salopettes
  • Girls red viscose tights
  • Boys blue leather pre-walker trainers
  • Girl pink tights with diamante logo

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DIOR Girls Pink Tights with Diamanté Logo     DIOR Girls Red Viscose Tights

Matching terrific dresses with magical shoes Dior combines romantic tones with daring and sometimes cheeky touches. All kidswear is hard-worn which gives them an opportunity to endure play. Dior is a master when it comes to fashionable clothing for both grown-ups and children. The idea is to hand a universal secret of genuine stylish attire from one generation to another. Browse Dior collection and you will catch a glimpse of something you will totally fall for.