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Sitting all alone in a cold city waiting for the winter to end? Imagining you somewhere at the beach in a luxurious swimsuit with a cocktail in the hand? Enjoying the sun shining and the blue of the sky? We will try to make your dreams come true. Of course, we do not have power over weather, but we can provide fashionable clothes for you and your family members.

Year after year fashion tends to change. New arrivals of trendy clothes and accessories come every season and every time we wonder how they did manage to create such brilliant looks, how many ideas they have to implement them in life. In almost every corner of the world people observe up-to-date fashionable tendencies and decide whether they like this or that look or not.

BABY BANZ Blue Camouflage Sunglasses     BABY BANZ Blue Camouflage Sunglasses1

About Baby Banz sunglasses for kids

Speaking of summer, no one can imagine it without hot and shiny sun, warm blue sea, green palms, the smell of sea air, loose and lightweight clothes, nice sunglasses and fabulous swimsuits. It was 2001 when one Australian man set off to seek for a proper pair of sunglasses for his little son. But they were nowhere to be found. It forced him to develop the Original Baby BanZ sunglasses. They were tested by experts and in 2002 sunglasses were introduced to the American market. Baby Banz offers innovative eye and head protection that are perfect for your little one. Baby Banz products can be found all over the world – in Germany, China, Japan, Greece, France, England and many other. Originating in the country of the harshest climate he was eager to create sunglasses which could preserve eyes, ears and sensitive skin of our children everywhere. These sunglasses proved to provide comfort and UV protection for sensitive and fragile eyes of little kids. They are of different colors, shape and design. However, quality and safety are what unite these sunglasses all together. They are notable for unique, wrap-around design and 100% protective lenses.

We will show you some of the models so you can realize yourself that these sunglasses are really worthy. Baby Banz blue sunglasses are available in two sizes and they are suitable for kids up to 5 years old. They have 3 protective lenses that offer high sun glare most possible protection and reduction. There is a protective nose made of silicone which is pleasant against the skin, stretchy and elastic straps provide comfort for your child. They fasten easily around the head, but before – make sure they stay firmly fixed on the head. Basically, they are suitable for both girls and boys. Extremely cute red Baby Banz sunglasses with white spotty print will make every little girl more attractive and beautiful. They are tested and proved to give 100% UVA/UVB protection. Adjustable straps allow for growth and lenses can be replaced. There are sunglasses for kids from 0 to 2 years which have also proved to grant maximum protection due to shatter resistant frames and protective lenses.

BABY BANZ Blue Sunglasses              BABY BANZ Blue Sunglasses1

More Baby Banz sunglasses for kids

After many years of fruitful and successful manufacturing of children sunglasses he made up his mind to expand the spectrum of goods by adding toddler and kids sun hats, goggles, swim diapers, swim footwear, swimsuits, ski Banz for winter, bandanas, bottle balls and even ear Banz hearing protection for toddlers and children.

Girls and boys will be happy to know that Baby Banz swimsuits are thrilling because of a good deal of models, prints and color palettes. Baby board pink shorts with beautiful flower blossoming have a sophisticated look. They are clinically tested to exceed Australian standards and are suitable for all ages. You can find age recommendation on the website. Choose quality combined with a cool design.

BABY BANZ Green Sunglasses            BABY BANZ Green Sunglasses1

Fantastic beach hats from Baby Banz are irreplaceable during the whole summer. These sun hats were tested and have a UPF rating of 50+ that ensures blocking out UVA/UVB rays. They are made either of polyester or cotton which allows for the quickest drying and owes good breathability. Reversible pink, white, blue, printed sun hats will keep your little one safe. Retro Banz sunglasses gained a big popularity due to trendy and at the same time vintage design.

If your beloved child likes plunging he will certainly need Baby Banz goggles that are made of durable and safe material with 100% UV protective lenses. Anti-fog system and silicon cups will provide the best comfort. They are perfect for spending time at the beach. Now it is up to 70% off reductions, so be ready to provide yourself with summer dresses, sunglasses, swimsuits and hats, by the way. Let’s plunge into summer together with Baby Banz collection.

BABY BANZ Red Spotted Sunglasses               BABY BANZ Red Spotted Sunglasses1