Avoca kids clothes

Many of us are looking for a perfect outfit for a child, which is why we are here to offer you some great options, such as Avoca kids clothes. No one will deny the fact that each child should be dressed up in fine apparel which would provide the utmost care and comfort.

Avoca kids clothes have no limits

AVOCA Green Check Lambswool BlanketAVOCA Blue Lambswool Blanket

Avoca kids clothes have the only limit – not to be like other fashion houses. Each piece of clothes must be unique and creative, ‘cause kids love to stand against the crowd wearing sophisticated and bright gears. Avoca is an Irish family business which is very popular not only in Ireland, but all over the world. They occupy mostly with clothes manufacturing, but they never stopped to develop and expanded their range of goods, creating candles, ceramics, fragrances, bags etc. The company exports clothing range throughout the world and apart from this Avoca has its own food label which provides abundance of delicious products.

It all started in 1973 and then Avoca continued the tradition passing a huge heritage to the next generation. Main activity is actually designing childrenswear: sweater, mittens, scarves etc.

Thanks to what are Avoca kids clothes so appreciated?

AVOCA Pink Check Wool Knit Baby BlanketAVOCA Pink Check Wool Blanket

But nonetheless Avoca is most famed for baby blankets. Do you wanna know why? The main advantage is materials and fabrics used for producing blankets. Natural lamb’s wool is considered the best as it takes special required preparations when make a blanket. At the first touch you will feel how soft it is as well as pleasant. Besides, cashmere can also be used.

Anyway, these blankets will suit for kids at the age from 0 months to 12 months. Fabulous line of Avoca blankets singles out pieces for boys and girls. They differ in colors:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  1. Some of them are decorated with exquisite fringe. Designs are very bright and catchy which look very cool in the spring or in the summer. An in the winter or fall these blankets will provide you the best comfort and warmness, believe us. Parents as well as newborns and toddlers really love Avoca blankets. This kind of essentials is irreplaceable in the wardrobe of each kid. Make sure you already have one!
  2. Super soft and gentle blankets made of cashmere, wool, mohair, linen, angora deliver individual and personalized style to its owner. Natural fibers will definitely keep your child cozy and snug during the day nap, at night or on cold days while strolling around. Handpicked fashionable items are being delivered from Berlin to Dubai, from San Francisco to Dublin.
  3. Avoca baby blankets bring nothing but comfort and pleasure. Discover new blankets from the contemporary collection from Avoca at an affordable price:
    • blue lamb’s wool blanket
    • pink check wool knit baby blanket
    • blue check wool blanket
    • purple check wool & cashmere blanket
    • red check cashmere & wool blanket
  1. All measurement you will find in the collection of designer Avoca baby blankets which is available online. Don’t miss the chance and delve into the atmosphere of actual warmness and coziness. We vouch for this brand which manufactures pretty and high quality wool blankets. Being experts in producing hand-weaving blankets the company is considered one of the best on the world fashion market.

Best Avoca baby blankets ever

AVOCA Red Check Cashmere & Wool BlanketAVOCA Purple Check Wool & Cashmere Blanket

Take a glimpse at pink and green check Avoca blanket which goes with tasseled trim. It is made in the softest knitted mix of wool and cashmere. This is deal for wrapping around your little child using it as a shawl to keep youк kid cozy and warm during the whole day. It can be used as an accessory or while walking in the pram. This item is handwashed, so pay special dedication and attention when clean it.

Since 1973 Avoca has gained a worldwide recognition and success due to high quality, handpicked, stylish blankets for babies. Take it as an opportunity and indulge you child with exclusive blanket from Avoca.

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