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In a bid to burden ourselves after stress situation or any other troubles we go shopping. For shopping lovers we’ve got an opulence of remarkable and good-looking apparels which are of a high quality special from premier couture. By choosing designer clothing you get noting but exclusive and luxurious outfits made of the finest materials.

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ALETTA White Lace & Tulle Dress with Pink Flowers      ALETTA White & Black Check Dress with Red Flower ALETTA Pink Tulle Dress with Flower & Pearl Belt      ALETTA Green Layered Tulle Dress with Flower Belt

No one will deny the fact that this is of vital importance to dress up children in a safest and the most comfortable way. While playing or learning they need to be protected and enjoy the fullest comfort from the clothes they put on. Choosing appropriate gears for kids we turn our attention to the material, price, design and its brand when it has one. To tell the truth, sometimes it might be rather hard to pick up clothes which the child will like. Nonetheless, let’s turn to those fashion houses which know how to cater to all tastes and to elicit big grins on the kid’s face.

Let us show you a rather special brand – impressive, sophisticated, irresistible. It was launched in 1957 by Mrs. Cosetta in Italy and its name – Aletta. When the dressmaker Mrs. Cosetta produced the first thing for kids the era of fashionable and incredibly captivating clothes began. She had passion for cool prints and patterns and thus she could easily implement them in apparels for little boys and girls. The first customers were from Florence and they really appreciated all stuff which had been created under the trade mark Aletta. Since then this brand enjoys good reputation around the whole world.

Aletta is engaged in producing different type of clothing both for girls and boys. Each collection is taken by storm and has great demand among fashion connoisseur. Already the fourth generation is working without tiring among sewing machines. In fact, Aletta always fallowed original traditions but at the same time they tend to use up-to-date technologies to create dressy attires for little children.

Aletta clothes for kids are noted for their simplicity and delicacy, they have quirky prints combined with catchy details. The variety of apparels is extremely huge, so enjoy all possible options from Aletta:

  • Accessories
  • Babysuits
  • Blankets & Shawls
  • Dresses
  • Hair accessories
  • Hats
  • Nests & Sleep Bags
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Suits

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ALETTA Boys Navy Blue Suit Babygrow with Spotty Bow      ALETTA Boys White & Blue Striped Waistcoat Babygrow ALETTA Boys White & Navy Blue Sailor Babygrow      ALETTA Boys White Cotton Top & Navy Blue Shorts Set


The new Aletta collection suits for premature to the kids at the age of 16+ years old knitting them out with stylish and terrific clothing that surely will make them unique and special. Discover these and many other benefits from Aletta clothes for kids.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Superb quality
  • Advanced technologies
  • Iconic prints
  • Stylish look
  • Soft tissue

Each parent can find lovely clothes which will suit for any occasion. For instance, baby girls blue stripe hat with pink flowers is perfect while being outdoors under the sun, ‘cause this hat can both protective and stylish. It is made of 100% light gauze cotton and has cute straps to tie under the chin. These fabulous dark pink flowers and green leaves embellish the hat and make it just gorgeous. View measurement and choose such a pretty hat for tiny fashionistas.

If you have a special formal event on the horizon and you need to dress up your boy perfectly then turn your attention to this blue suit babygrown with a bow. This babygrown has popper fastening on the front side for easy change. It has attached jacket and smart split at the back. The jacket has poppers to fasten as well. 100% cotton jersey will provide your boy the utmost care and comfort. A printed bow at the collar makes the whole outfit complete.

Discover a rich palette of colors – celebrate spring coming.

  • Green
  • Grey
  • Ivory
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White

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ALETTA Baby Girls White & Red Pre-Walker Sandals      ALETTA Baby Girls White Cotton Bootees with Pink Lace Flower ALETTA Baby Girls White Cotton Socks with Pink Flower       ALETTA Boys Navy Blue 5 Piece Tuxedo Suit

Choosing bright outfits you’ll set the tone of good mood and high spirit. Baby girls white, black and pink dress with florals is really beautiful as is has modern stylish design and is adorned with pink floral appliqués across the shoulders and neckline. The dress is made in smooth cotton and has buttons at the back for easy changing. It suits any smart and formal occasions. Be stylish wearing stylish clothing from Aletta!