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Parenting is not for weak ones! How do you overcome difficulties through the rough times? Since your child has seen the world for the first time, you realized that you don’t belong only to yourself anymore, now and forever you have got a part of you and your heart in the eyes of your kid. You embrace him with love, comfort, care and tenderness. Many of us faced a lot of problems from the first stage of development till maturation. Being a mother is often overwhelming but it’s a blessing as well. You have to think over all details and possible loopholes in child care issues.  Every mum should be ready to share her space and life with a new family member. To make your child’s life most careless and happiest you’ve got to prepare all necessary devices.

         So we won’t keep you in suspense and gladly share information about where to buy most appropriate and suitable clothes for newborns and give you some useful tips. One of the most famous brands of children clothing is Aden & Anais, which history seems to be very educational. A girl named Raegan born in Australia was moving to The United States. She was carrying her first child and had mixed feelings about it. She knew quite much about motherhood about what she learnt due to Australian traditions. Women in her homeland use muslin wraps to swaddle a baby. So she decided to stick to these rules. After her coming to the USA she set off to find some muslin wraps, but they were nowhere to be found. She walked round all the U.S. stores and came home empty-handed. Every wrap she found was not good enough – too thick or thin or not soft. She couldn’t find anything for her little girl Anais. Soon after that she became an economist and started her own business – this is how Aden & Anais was created and now can be found in many stores in more than 63 countries around the world.

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The company’s zest is in cotton muslin which owns good breathability and softness. Each product goes through a rigorous circle of testing before one can find it on the market. Moreover, Raegan checked herself the quality of fabrics on her four daughters. The company strives to create the safest environment around the kid and tries to simplify the life of caregivers. There is a wide choice of items that you can find in the collection: baby accessories, baby bags, baby gifts, baby suits, belts & braces, blankets & shawls, bottles, buster suits, coats, jackets, dresses, dummies, frilly pants, hair accessories, hats, scarves, gloves, leggings, nests & sleep bags, nightwear, outfit sets, playsuits, premature, pushchairs, shoes, shorts, skirts, snowsuits, socks & tights, special occasion, swimwear, tops, toys, tracksuits, trousers, underwear etc. By using iconic patterns and unique prints they make clothes special and trendy that will complement your look and make your baby love the clothes.

Newborns will surely love muslin baby products which embody tenderness and softness. Parents will also find it essential and very useful. Easy swaddles, muslin squares, cozy sleeping bags, security blankets, bib & burp clothes, dream blankets, swaddle love books etc. The magical feelings by touching Aden and Anais security blankets will bring you nothing but comfort and soothing both at bedtime and during the day. Made of 100% cotton muslin squares with satin trim will belong to the most useful items in your baby’s wardrobe. They are very portable because of the right size for cuddling or carrying a child. As a matter of fact they are very practical – Aden and Anais blankets are easy to wash in the machine. If I were a kid, I would totally like these blankets. For starting and aspiring mums there is a unique offer – Raegan Moya-Jones herself published a book where she provides readers with entertaining and useful guidance concerning  baby care. Merry stories full of humor and helpful pieces of advice are closely interwoven with history and different techniques of swaddling.

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In addition to security blankets there are also Aden & Anais dream blankets. Classic dream blankets are made of four layers of 100% muslin cotton which ensures dreamy and pleasant playtime, daytime and bedtime. They help to reduce the risk of overheating, furthermore, with the next wash the get softer. Aden & Anais dreamy plush blankets have generous size that fits for snuggling any time.

Owning to the fact that Aden & Anais bamboo dream blankets are silky-smooth, plush and luxurious, they gained great popularity. They are made of rayon from bamboo fibre muslin, so you will be impressed by the feelings when you swaddle or cuddle your kid. Super soft plush bamboo dream blankets will certainly win your heart due to its quality and design – colorful modern prints and wonderful patterns.

Apart from Aden & Anais classic and bamboo dream blankets there are other kinds of them. Organic dream blankets also consist of four layers, made of top-quality muslin cotton with environmentally safe designing and manufacturing. During the bedtime, cuddle time and daytime you child will feel secure and safe. Pre-washed cotton muslin organic dream blankets are made of natural fabrics. Due to spectrum of various prints and designs you can choose whatever you like.

Moreover, in the collection of Aden & Anais dream blankets one can also find merino dream blankets. They combine merino wool muslin cotton in order to create an incredibly soft and breathable blanket. The purest and the finest merino fibre favor the creation of the perfect lightweight blankets which can bring indulgence for your beloved one. Each blanket is hand-made and namely – hand-dyed and is presented in unique gifted boxes. At the end of every season Aden & Anais arrange a good deal of SALES which give you a great opportunity to purchase these precious items for a lesser price. On the Aden & Anais website you can follow each sale and manage buying something special. Sometimes it’s worth to lavish attention on your child and buy him a wonderful thing that can make both you and him happy.

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Let’s discover together luxurious range of Aden and Anais baby pushchairs and accessories. It can be an awesome and cozy stroller set that will help to discover the outer world to your little child. A traditional design provides comfort and safety for the kid. The padded base of the pushchair is adjustable, zipped pockets ensure keeping your stuff in a safe and inconspicuous place. Lining is removable and washable (30*C), absorbing suspension will protect you and the child from moisture. It fits from birth up to max 9 kg (it can vary). Aden & Anais collection offers white unisex Moschino baby nest. It is quite easy for putting in and taking out your child. It consists of 80% down, 20% feather so it’s suitable even for cold weather. As other linings it is washable by 30*C and fits both girls and boys. Now these items are on sale, so hurry up and buy them for a lesser price.

         The technique of swaddling may seem difficult only for first timers, but a little patience will bring the fruits. We mentioned about sharing the technique which is quite simple. First of all, lay your child in a diamond shape and try to fold a triangle. With the head above this structure place your baby in the center of it. Then you need to put your baby’s right hand bent at the elbow against the whole body. Put the left side across the chest. Tuck all the corners to ensure the security. The next step is to fold the bottom side up and over your child’s feet. At last, put the left hand bent at the elbow across the body, place the right side across the kid’s chest and then tuck the swaddle again. It’s done! Try it firstly on the doll in order to learn to carry it out correctly. Swaddles are really important for babies as they prevent your kid from excessive movements after you wake him up or during the nighttime.

         There are, furthermore, classic and organic easy swaddles made of 100 % cotton that are created for simplifying the process of swaddling preparing your precious kid for a soft night’s sleep.

         Dress your child comfortably creating a soft and secure environment around him. Sweet dreams.